Saturday, April 29, 2017

 Oh boy, did life get busy after that last post. I can't share all the things that have contributed to the crazy, but my youngest son Matt is now living with me and we've only just managed to fit all his stuff in and return my sewing room to me.

This is the longest I've ever gone in my adult life without access to my sewing room every single day, and it's been quite a lesson. Namely, that having my own creative space is a necessity, not just a whim. I've survived, but not easily!

I've been trying to clear up the custom quilts and now have only two left to do.

I hope they don't take long to finish, and then Keryn can handle the pantos on her own.

 (I can't show photos of the finished quilts, as I think they're all destined for shows)

I'm still doing the postie run, but my replacement is now taking over and learning the ropes, and she should be good to go on her own in a few weeks. Which is important, because soon this little miss will be joined by her two sisters, and life will get busier than ever. I'm so looking forward to meeting them in person and I plan to be helping wherever I can, for as long as I can.


Barb April 29, 2017  

Oh wow, my daughter just had twins and is it ever different from having a singleton. Just a TON of work, she is living with us until her house is available in July and do I ever hear you about sewing being necessary. The only sewing I have gotten to since the babies were born two months ago was some on a retreat that I had signed up to take. It is a joyous time and I wouldn't trade it for anything but I am looking forward to getting my sewing time and house back in July.

Reneeluvsquilting April 30, 2017  

Welcome back! Missed you and your sisters posts. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Sue SA April 30, 2017  

Lovely custom work. You have a lot on your plate and we all need stress release when that is the case. Sewing is great therapy, its a well known secret to quilters and the medical profession will acknowledge one day!

Cherie in St Louis April 30, 2017  

Glad to see your post and to that you are's just life that's been keeping you busy!! Quilting is necessary for my sanity, not just fun and rewarding but necessary for good mental health!

Michele Hill July 02, 2017  

Hi Meredith.......Sue from Wimmera: sent me your blog link after reading of my Aust Post stories on my last two posts!! So nice to know there are female posties around!! So wish I had known you all those years ago when I lost all my quilts in three different packages.....maybe you could have worked some miracles! And what a coincidence that there you are quilting a couple of my designs too......looks fabulous! Love, love your gorgeous little granddaughter too xx

الرحمه للتنظيف March 13, 2019  
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