Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Here's my version of Bonnie's Garden Party, a pattern  I loved piecing. Sometimes I get sick of something half way through and it's a strain to keep working on it. This design was the opposite, I had to stop myself obsessively sewing it, so that I didn't finish it too quickly. I wanted it to be my Leader Ender for as long as possible, but I lost that battle fairly soon. Both blocks were a joy to make and if I had to make another one I wouldn't mind a bit.

The orange inspiration for the alternate blocks came from Gayle at mangofeet and even though I don't normally use much orange in my quilts I was captivated by the effect of it in her quilt. The orange makes it seems so fresh and clean and I found myself looking forward to working with a colour that is quite new to me.

I was a bit short on the orange border fabric and had to piece the last twelve inches to get enough for all sides. I have no memory of where this fabric came from, and neither does Keryn, probably a donation from someone, or an op-shop find. I used every bit, and have another unexplained orangey red length for the binding.

I had thought happily "This will use up whatever oranges I have lying around the stash!" but somehow I still have a box of fabrics, somewhat depleted yet still enough for at least another quilt. My future contains more orange projects, apparently.


Lori January 25, 2017  

I had that orange! Circa 2002 maybe? Love orange in quilts. Nice quilt Mereth!

gayle January 26, 2017  

I love it! 8)
(And after seeing yours, I'm having a hard time talking myself out of making another one!)
I never understood my daughter's love for orange until I started using it in my quilts. Now it's one of my most-reached-for colors!

Sue SA January 26, 2017  

Looks great! I too have developed a recent love for orange in quilts, such a powerful wow factor.

Tanya January 26, 2017  

Love your garden party, its def on my to do list. I think the orange makes it sparkle, i will be using it in mine also

رامز المثاليه January 13, 2019  
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