Sunday, January 08, 2017

Here's another top I finished and didn't blog about.

I can't seem to get a decent photo of this one, and it looks too boring for words. In actual fact it's very soft and pretty, and would look lovely on a bed.

The border is just a simple frame around the outside, very unassuming and in keeping with the softness of the other fabrics. No stars in this top, no "Look at me!" areas, just a sort of subdued prettiness.

 It was a very easy pattern, and the fabrics were all nice, but I just fell a bit out of love with it in the end. Done now!


Karen January 08, 2017  

Looking at the picture where the quilt is further from the camera lens, it seems to have a glow. Always interesting to see what you are making.

gayle January 08, 2017  

It does look like it's glowing. Is it a Puss in the Corner variation?

Lori January 08, 2017  

It's the kind of quilt that soft and welcoming to nap under. Gentle breezes and soft light, curtains gently moving. Yeah.

Gretchen Weaver January 08, 2017  

So simple but so lovely. Love it!

tirane93 January 09, 2017  

sometimes the ones that strike the maker as bland end up being the most treasured by the recipient. they soothe, calm, and cuddle the person burrowed underneath!

i think it's a lovely quilt!

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