Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I decided to participate in Judy's UFO challenge, and her first Quiltathon has just finished.I have an enormous number of things to work on, but I want to concentrate on fairly simple projects that would be quickly done, and ones that don't need agonising over. There's no sense choosing something that would need lots of thought and puzzling over decisions, I want to just put in some hours of concentrated sewing and really see some progress. That's the delight of the marathons for me, it's more about the actual sewing than the auditioning and doubting and second guessing that plague so much of what I do.

I chose these modified split nine patch blocks, which have their origin here, and a tutorial here. They are insanely simple to sew, and go together very easily- I finished twenty blocks in one night. I decided to finish the Barn Raising version, and this is how far I got, in between all my other numerous work commitments and chores.

The row at the top isn't sewn yet, and I will probably add another row to complete the pattern. It was a good effort, and I wouldn't have stuck at it if it wasn't for the quiltathon motivation.

These seven blocks were already sewn up before I decided on the Barn Raising set and I will cut out extra strips and get  ready to sew some more for next time. I'm all enthused about this pattern again, it's so easy to do.


Gypsy Quilter January 11, 2017  

Wow, what a great effect from such a simple block. It looks like it will use up a lot of scraps. Good for you!

Carolyn January 12, 2017  

I love these blocks! They look so easy, I need to add this pattern to my list since I unearthed a large box of strips in my sewing room cleanout over the weekend! Thanks so much...I love your quilt!

Sue SA January 12, 2017  

Great looking blocks, but cannot get my head around how that block, makes that quilt top pattern, looks amazing. And all from strips, hmmm definitely going on the to do list!

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