Friday, June 27, 2008

This is what my sewing table looked like this morning as I sat and sipped my first cup of coffee for the day. What a haul, there's over 50 metres of material here, and I'm going to fold it all up neatly in a minute and gloat some more.

Yesterday I had to drive Keryn to the airport, as she's running away to Sydney to do a course on the new Statler software. Or something. I let her do all the brainwork and I provide the hands-on stuff, which seems to be working quite well in this partnership.

Spotlight had a big sale so we went to a store on the way and were most unimpressed with their staff service. I shall not bitch on the blog, but we left there furious, dragging a bag of fabric that had only taken us about half an hour to have cut, and after someone else pushed in front of us, without a number...Oh sorry, I wasn't going to complain, was I?

After a cup of coffee at Ikea- so handy to the airport and sooo cheap! I dropped Keryn off and then proceeded to two other Spotlights, being the mug that I am. Cheap fabric will make me endure much for it's own sake, so I put up with more overworked staff, rudeness and messy shelves so that I could get get some bargains. And just to make me feel virtuous, it wasn't all for us, two backing lengths were for customer quilts, so I was passing the savings on to them.

I then drove to Gawler to get some wool for Keryn that she'd almost run out of, (wot a good sister), and picked up a few fat quarters. These are reproductions and I know Keryn will be lusting after the blues when she sees this photo. I felt like I was being a Personal Shopper, I had a list of things to buy for others and it was nice to add them to the stash in the car.

I do love unpacking at the end of a trip, I feel like Ma and Pa carrying parcels in from the wagon (Little House on The Prairie), but I was so tired last night I couldn't do anything else but pile it in my room and go to bed which was the warmest spot in the house.

And today I'd better get back to workroom and get the machine stitching, I want to make a dent in the pile of customer tops that are waiting.....


Tazzie June 27, 2008  

OMG, 50 metres? That's quite a haul. There's plenty of yummies there to drool over.
I hear you re service issues, it's not something that particular store is renowned for.

loulee1 June 27, 2008  

Sounds like a great shopping trip. I love the unpacking bit too. It's like doing the shopping all over again. :-)

keryn June 28, 2008  

I hope you will share some of the goodies with me. Pretty Please! It's not often that you get to them before I do, I'm jealous.

Karol-Ann June 29, 2008  

Lots of lovely loot *LOL*

Judy Laquidara June 29, 2008  

What great fabrics you found. That's a whole lot of shopping for one day! I see Keryn has already commented. Better hide those blues! :)

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