Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm doing it! I'm making letters. I've done some easy ones and had to transform others when they didn't want to look like I imagined (damn you, you're just going to be an 'o' now!). I haven't got into the groove of it yet, I like to do things methodically and in order and this is much more intuitive. I tried using leader-enders but got carried away and started wasting thread everywhere, and that feels strange.

I'm not overjoyed with my table looking like this either, perhaps I've got more problems than I thought I had.

I randomly decided what to do (see brackets above) and was quite pleased with this lot, but the 'g' was the final straw. Had a mini collapse after that.

And because Matt and I loved playing "Boggle" and other word games, then I did this....and this...

or .....

and .....

Back to the mindless sewing, than goodness!



keryn September 10, 2007  

I love your 'h', it's very pleasing, and you are being more daring than me in your colour choices. I'm running out of the colours I started with, so I'll have to mix it up more from now on. Isn't this fun?

Carol E. September 10, 2007  

i love your letters!

Quilt Pixie September 10, 2007  

your letters are stunning! What a great collection of fabrics you've chosen to use. I love the bottom of the stem on your G, that angle is "perfect" :-)

dot September 10, 2007  

Everything looks just wonderful to me. Mess is part of the process, just enjoy it.

Mary September 10, 2007  

I'm glad to see you're having fun! I have plans to try Tonya's letters one of these days - I just keep changing my mind about how to use them.

Hedgehog September 10, 2007  

Your letters are looking great! I love the fabrics you're using. I have to decide on some fabrics, then I'll get going one evening this week!

Lazy Gal Tonya September 10, 2007  

fantastic. That's a messy table for you? Oh my, you'd go nuts at my place.

loulee1 September 10, 2007  

LOL. Well it's easy to see how your day went! Your letters look good though. It's like learning anything new, practice, practice, practice............and then swear at it!

Julie aka "Quilt Diva" September 10, 2007  

Oh, how I understand your reaction to the clutter on your table... mine is messy and I keep trying to sort it...but then I start another letter and realize it's pretty much hopeless. Part of me loves the chaos, and part of me wants to run screaming!

Floss September 11, 2007  

Love the letters.
I think the colours are happy, don't have to be bright to be happy.

Katie September 11, 2007  

Aren't they fun? Your g and h are just wonderful. It is so much fun to get ideas from each other when making these letters. Try making two at a time to keep a continuous sew and not have waste thread.

meggie September 11, 2007  

Adventures galore!!
Leo & Honey wave paws to Mac!

Tanya September 11, 2007  

Hey, you are doing so wonderfully!!!! I love your letters! I love your words! I think I need some looonnnggg sewing time and try to develop a style.

jude September 11, 2007  

the letters are great, but the word games are even more fun!

Katie September 11, 2007  

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Did you scroll down enough to see my space quilt with all the wonky words? Enjoy

jovaliquilts September 12, 2007  

So, so, so nice! That 'g' is awesome. Love your words, too.

Clare September 12, 2007  

You've let go! Your 'g' is brilliant. Like Tonya, you'd have a fit if you saw my table.

atet September 13, 2007  

What great letters!

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