Thursday, October 26, 2006

The customer quilt is finished, Yay!!!! I had to quilt it really simply because they didn't want me to stitch over all the embroidered messages. That meant a lot of empty space and close quilting in the border would have pulled it in too much. So I just did a sort of wonky vine and left it at that.

As a reward I let myself make lots more of my new blocks, don't they look fun?

Some of the browns are mouthwatering, yum!

I'm having a lot of fun with these blocks, and can hardly wait to get the setting material and turn them into a top. Some quilts are enjoyable from start to finish, and this looks like being one of them.

I know Keryn will study these photos closely and then mutter "I didn't get any of that brown, OR that one....".

I'll give you the scraps, I promise!


quiltpixie October 26, 2006  

sharing scraps is a time honoured way of getting a chance to play with ALL the fabric in the fabric store :-)

keryn October 27, 2006  

I might be peeved, if I hadn't just ironed hundreds of yards of fabric that I didn't share with you. The scraps will be fine. The blocks look great, and that quilted vine is gorgeous. What a lovely way to solve a quilting problem.

Hedgehog October 28, 2006  

Love these browns - can't wait to see how you set them.

Rae November 02, 2006  

I love the brown quilt. The vine is very nice.

A belated happy birthday.

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