Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm still having fun with my little square in square units. I must admit I have several quilts in the planning stages that will use truckloads of these, so there's method in my madness.

I forgot to point out that when I trim the 'ears' off the triangles the length is not exactly that of the square. I just make sure there is the same amount of the square material showing on either end, and that means it's centred. I did try to trim them the exact size, but having them smaller actually seems to work better for me.

Sheila made a comment about a special tool to trim the triangles, but no matter what the size I just muck around with the little square ruler until I find the perfect mark to use.

The units with light backgrounds are finding their way into these blocks. I have enough for 16 already, but I think I want 20. So I might just make some extra now, rather than waiting for the scraps to mount up again. I'm all enthused about this design, which is taken from a picture of an antique quilt I saved about 4 years ago. Time to get me a finished top.

But.... there are still 128 units with dark backgrounds, so I have to thnk about the design I wanted to put those into. I can't believe there were so many in the drawer, but it's certainly a painless way to acquire them, just sewing on a few scraps every now and then.

My son Matthew is 18 and has been helping me a lot in the garden. He and Mum were great mates, and when he was tiny he could be found next to her, companionably chatting and pulling up weeds. (he's the only male around here I'd trust to actually recognise a weed from a petunia!) Yesterday he wandered around with the camera and took lots of shots of the flowers, he must feel proud to have had a hand in creating the garden. I think a love of growing things is a valuable interest, there's always something to look out for and watch and tend, and I hope he keeps it. Neither of my other sons has any affinity with plants, but Mum taught Matt well.


keryn October 18, 2006  

The Christmas cactii are gorgeous, well worth bringing from the old house. What a splash of colour. I hope the weather stays kind, a little rain would do the world of good.

Seems like another quilt top is about to come into the world....

Melzie October 18, 2006  

The flowers are so pretty :) My flowers outside all pretty well got frost bit LOL Love the squares is it easy or hard to do? xoxo melzie

quiltpixie October 18, 2006  

wow I don't think I've seen so many blooms on a Christmas Cactus. Very very pretty.

ForestJane October 18, 2006  

Ohh, those red ones are lovely!

Hedgehog October 18, 2006  

Beautiful flower pictures!

Lisa D. October 19, 2006  

Great block - can't wait to see what it will become!

Angie October 21, 2006  

Beautiful flowers! I've had several Christmas Cacti but I always manage to eventually drown them. :( I love the colors in those S-in-S blocks.

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