Saturday, October 14, 2006

When I cut my scraps into pieces one of the things
I do are the shapes for 3 1/2" square in square units.

The centre squares are 2 5/8"and the corner triangles are 2 3/8". I cut these in squares too and then cut in half diagonally. I always have the back of the fabric facing up, because you can usually see the markings on the ruler better.

Then I trim the corners using the 2" mark on my ruler.

These shapes are cut from the small scraps I can't get strips from and I keep them all in a small plastic drawer.

Recently I noticed that the drawer wasn't shutting very well and the pieces had begun to invade the drawer above- time to do some sewing.

So when I worked at the local quilt shop this week I took the little drawer and it's neighbour and in the quiet times I made these - 52 square in sqare units.You'd think this would make a difference in the fullness or otherwise of the drawer, but look! It still looks full. Not bursting at the seams as it was before, but heck, I thought I would have had some space for the next lot of cut pieces. Keryn says they all just breathe out and go "Phew! Now we've got some room!"

So I'll have to sew some more before I can see the bottom of the container, but first I need to cut more centre squares, which will ADD to the fullness of said drawer before I can start emptying it....again.

And in another drawer, far far away.......


keryn October 14, 2006  

Have you counted them all? What a little army of patches! They are such a useful shape though, and you are so dedicatd to make them up and stockpile them. I rarely work like that, but I am so tempted.

It's been days since I did any serious cutting; I miss it. I love demolishing piles of scraps anad turning thme into neat little piles of shapes and strips.

And I always work with the wrong side of the fabric whenever possible; makes it easier on the eyes.

quiltpixie October 14, 2006  

so very pretty all laying there...

Hedgehog October 14, 2006  

Wow! They are multiplying! Great way to prepare scraps. What are you going to do with them?

ForestJane October 14, 2006  

Wow, how many do you have? Are you going to arrange them some creative way or just scatter them all scrappy? They'll be fun to play with if you have a big enough design wall.

I think I'd be tempted to put the darker ones top/left, and the lighter ones bottom/right and have a gradation going... :)

Sheila October 15, 2006  

I love having the math broken down for these units... this block is my most dreaded because I always oversize it and then have to trim (and I hate the cutting process!). Love how you trim the bunny ears too, without the $8 tool.

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