Thursday, November 02, 2006

On Lucy's blog she reduced 5 UFOs to one by combining them all into a new top. That reminded me I did something similar years ago by combining these two projects. The border used 30 blocks, which surprised me, I actually had to make more to get it done. I like the result, and I might go through my old UFOs and see if I can combine any of them, somehow this top doesn't have the guilt value that the unfinished blocks had on their own.

I loved the look of Lucy's quilt, because there were so many different blocks in there, whereas this looks quite planned. I obviously need to be a bit more 'maverick".

This top was made in the long ago age when I did just about everything by hand, with templates. I loved the centre block, and now I'm tempted to make another top so I can use rotary cutting and machine sewing. That's silly, I don't need more of these blocks, but it would be so much easier....

It was a much more pleasurable process in some ways, but I just don't have the time now. Nevertheless, I loved handpiecing them in front of the telly at night and cutting out every fabric carefully and choosing the colours for each combination . I think I'm going to limit my handwork to applique, because that's something I will never do by machine.

And here's a quilt from my favourite book, Legacy, by Nancilu Burdick, about her grandmother Talula Gilbert Bottoms. This 'Throw-Together' quilt was made by Talula's mother-in-law Elisa Bottoms and is dated 1875 - 1890. I adore this quilt, so full of scraps and the start of quite a few quilts, all combined when another cover was needed and married together out of necessity. I love making my quilts, I love choosing and cutting and buying the reproductions to make traditional designs, but who could ever capture the integrity of an old quilt like this, made from necessity and hardship? Even though I'm Australian I feel that this is part of my quilt heritage too, quilts like this are the reason why I'll always be grounded in the traditional rather than the modern. Just love it.


Hedgehog November 02, 2006  

I just love how you followed up on Lucy's post with this. Your quilt was great - so is the antique one. Do you know the name of the outer blocks in your quilt? Thanks!

keryn November 02, 2006  

I love the block in your top, and I will definitely make some of those by machine. It's so graphic when it's put together, but it's quite a simple block. How can there be so many wonderful quilts to make. I cna't choose which ones I love the most these days.

The block border is a great idea, looks fantastic. What a neat way to combine two projects.

quiltpixie November 02, 2006  

your "combined" UFO quilt top looks almost like it was planned from the start :-)

Anonymous,  November 02, 2006  

The border looks stunning with the centre of the quilt! I love it. Might have to go check my crates and see if I can do the same thing :-)

YankeeQuilter November 02, 2006  

Nice comination of blocks - good job! I also really like the totally maverick quilt!


Angie November 03, 2006  

Your quilt is beautiful, Mereth! Love those colors. And the border blocks look as if they were "made" for this quilt. Beautiful! The antique quilt and the story behind it (thank you!) is such a treasure.

Tracey in CT November 03, 2006  

Very nice! Isn't it funny how a finished top feels so much better than a couple piles of blocks?

Sheila November 03, 2006  

I'm inspired by your beautiful quilt, Meredith!

Lucy November 05, 2006  

What a wonderfull way to use up your Ufos. Thank you for mentioning my post :-)... and I am in love with the antique quilt ! I need to search for that book !

Jenni November 08, 2006  

That old quilt is fantastic isn't it? It's funny how we have to force ourselves to let go and make something like that now. I love the pink in with the other colours.

Quilts And Pieces November 16, 2006  

I LOVE your quilt you made from the 2 projects! It is gorgous! I may just have to make one like that from scratch! It is wonderful! And I love that Legacy book too!

Bonnie K. Hunter November 18, 2006  

I love the "combined projects" quilts! And Tallula Gilbert Bottoms is my HERO...


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