Saturday, October 07, 2006

Spring has come here and the roses have been beautiful. I've been working in the garden a lot and so no sewing or blogging has been achieved either. I want to get everything well mulched before it gets any hotter, and that means I end up pretty tired and dirty and without much urge to sew or knit.

I know this won't last and once the garden chores are done I'll get back into my other persuits and have something to blog about.


keryn October 07, 2006  

Those are the roses we pruned on my first trip down there. They certainly responded well to our drastic measures! I love that yellow one, what is that?

Here's hoping for a mild summer so the garden isn't too hard to look after.

Carolyn October 07, 2006  

Roses are my favorites and yours are gorgeous. Our rose season is just ending, so please share more pictures of yours with us...I'll miss them this winter!

quiltpixie October 08, 2006  

what beautiful roses. Almost makes me think about growing some here -- but they take too much care do to my harsh winters in central canada. You're obviously in the southern hemishpere if you're getting roses now.... where abouts?

Angie October 08, 2006  

Wow, Mereth, your roses are gorgeous!! I love roses, but cannot keep leaves on them in the summer due to black spot mold. Your's are so lush and beautiful!

Carolyn October 10, 2006  

Thank you for the pictures...they are so beautiful.

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