Monday, October 09, 2006

More rose pictures were requested, so here they are. (Keryn has been begging, not to say whingeing about the lack of them). I live in the mid north of South Australia, and the climate is classed as semi-arid. It seems to be perfect for roses, as long as you keep the water up to them, and fungal diseases are rarely a problem. Unlike Keryn 's garden in the tropics.
Yes these are the roses Keryn and I pruned back to stumps in June or July, and now I can barely squeeze between them and some are almost over my head. Some of the David Austen's are heartbreakingly beautiful, I keep coming back to gaze at the clusters of heavy blooms and sometimes I have to tell them out loud how gorgeous they are. (Yes, I talk to my plants!)

The dark rose is a Burgandy Iceburg, the yellow one is Charles Austin(I think), the yellow and peach one is Reknown's Samaritan and I don't know the name of the little pink-tinged cream one as it was in the garden when we came.

What a pity Mum didn't get to enjoy the first spring here with all these glorious flowers, but the roses and gerberas and ferns we brought from her garden are flourishing and remind me of her constantly. Which is a fitting tribute to be sure.


keryn October 09, 2006  

Well thank you very much for those photos, they were my rose fix for today. My favourite is the Charles Austin, so generously oldfashioned.

Your camera does a wonderful job on flowers, what a little gem it is!

You would flinch if you could see my roses, with two or three leaves apiece. They flower OK, but the leaves never have a chance.

Kim West October 10, 2006  

those are beautiful - i especially like the red one - it seems almost unreal.

quiltpixie October 10, 2006  

too bad blogger doesn't come with scratch and sniff to get the full effect of the garden... :-)

Patti October 10, 2006  

Incredible roses. Thank you so much for sharing! They grow well here - except we have so much rain that the black spot is a huge problem. I adore roses - all kinds - but especially the old fashioned ones, the wild ones, and the climbers. Those are the ones I remember from my childhood - my dad was an incredible gardener.

Carol E. October 10, 2006  

I like your term, "heartbreakingly beautiful." It sure fits. My friend went to Hawaii and said it was so beautiful that she felt like crying. I experienced that once in the mountains. I think your roses when seen in person probably cause the same reaction.

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