Friday, March 31, 2006

Guess what I'll be doing over the next few weeks?

This is the house that my mother and I are going to live in, gulp, Together! She's 84 and needs to be with someone so we're setting up home in this large Federation style house. It's just around the corner from where I live now, and I'll leave all my sewing there for the time being, so that I can go and escape the throes of shifting Mum's stuff.

Son Matt will continue to live where we are now, so I'll have two homes virtually- lots of room to spread out.

This is me opening the door for the first time- Yaay!!!!

There are some rooms that need painting, so it will be a fortnight or so before we really move. There's not a lot of sewing going on at the moment, just a bit of pottering with the leaders and enders and sorting of old projects. So I might have to resort to ancient quilts if I want to post photos.

The house is set on half an acre, so there's lots of lawns, garden beds and trees all around. Fortuneately I love gardening and I can hardly wait to get stuck into all the pruning and tidying and digging and planting.

Don't worry, there will be plenty of quilting going on soon, even if I've got all this other stuff to do as well. Just as well I get up at 5.30 in the morning!


cher March 31, 2006  

oh my...hope you enjoy all that lies ahead!

Finn April 02, 2006  

So happy to hear that you have found a situation that will work for both of you. Having taken in an elderly parent, I know you will face trying time, but the reward will be worth it in the end.

The new place sounds lovely, and it's great that you have someone to still live in your current home. Much nicer than selling it...*VBS* Old pictures will be just fine...*S*

Darcie April 04, 2006  

It sounds like you're very excited about your new arrangement, Mereth. Good for you. Your positive energy will be great for your Mum!

Darcie April 04, 2006  

Almost's great to now put a face with your name!

Dawn April 05, 2006  

Oh what a wonderful house! I love it! Gee, if I could move to Australia I would love to have that house!

Tracey April 06, 2006  

What a wonderful thing for you to do for your mom. The house looks beautiful and I'm sure you'll have fun making it home. :o)

Sharon April 06, 2006  

What a sweetie to take care of mum this way. My 85 year old mom lived with us for about two years before I needed to move her to a retirement community. It's a good thing you have an "escape" place of your own, though - no matter how much you love mom, it's nice to be on your own and in your own space occasionallY!

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