Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Borders are on and the top is in the huge pile waiting to be quilted now. Everyone seems to like this pattern, and I may try to explore the idea of emphasizing the circles, and using scraps in the corners.....when I've got some spare time.

I don't worry much about placement of fabric in scrap quilts, apart from trying not to have two adjacent pieces the same. I just noticed there are three fabrics in the third row together- two for the bowtie and a scrappy block of leftovers next to it. I had the block rotated, but when I was sewing it together I must have flipped it to get the seams to nestle. This will irritate me a little bit, but I hardly ever unpick things. I really don't care enough. Or I'm just lazy....

It's the first week of autumn here in Aust. and I thought it might cool down a bit, so I started a sock from an old skein of three ply wool I found in an op-shop. That was the signal for the temperature to climb again, and it just somehow seems wrong to knit in front of the airconditioner. Bit like Matt in his quilt.

The book is from 1953, so it's 5 years older than me. The basket was my great grandmother's sewing basket and in it there's a row counter from a knitting machine; Keryn found it and sent it to me as a little oddity but it's very cute to use. I love collecting old stuff but I like it even better when I can find uses for it.

I think the next project will be some of that gi-normous stack of 8-point stars, I've got something in mind for the blue ones.


Lucy March 08, 2006  

Beautifull ,very beautifull! Do you remember how many yardage you need for the brown and yellow triangles ??

Darcie March 09, 2006  

***That was the signal for the temperature to climb again***

Ah, yes. Just as my shorter-than-short haircut was the signal for ours to plunge!

Welcome to the Quilt Mavericks! You've got lots to share with us...I can't wait to get to know you better...and your sis, too.

Your quilts are terrific!

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