Friday, June 13, 2014

The Nifty Thrifty blocks are in one piece and I'm glad to have then done. Even though they were so easy to sew I got weary of them towards the end. And weary of the colours, this combination of green and maroon used to be very popular in the '90's,  which is why I had so much in my cupboard.

 I usually start these easy quilts to use up a particular section of my stash that I want to get rid of, so that means I'm slightly sick of them to begin with. This attitude drives Keryn nuts; she says "Sell them on Ebay! Get rid of them!!" but I liked them once and I love using scraps and odd bits.

However the top got bossy at the  end, and even though I'd pieced quite a few units for a border, they just wouldn't go on. The blocks demanded another simpler pieced border first, then one of maroon, and by this time I was sick of being bossed around and called it quits.

I might go back and try to add the other border later, if I feel like it. I'm already on to prettier fabrics and more intriguing patterns....

Isobel had her first photo shoot, and we have some beautiful pictures of her now. This is a really talented photographer, and I'm so pleased to have these shots to remember how little she was.
  She's nearly a fortnight old already, and has changed so much since she came home from hospital, she's just adorable.


antique quilter June 13, 2014  

oh my how precious is she? beautiful pictures.
and yes I like the quilt too…. will look forward to seeing a new border on it someday!

Sue SA June 15, 2014  

Cute photo of your sweet grand daughter. I love the quilt, even the colour combo, this pattern is very effective.

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