Sunday, June 29, 2014

 Once I had trimmed the blocks I was left with some odd shaped scraps. You know me, I couldn't let them go to waste!

 I cut them slightly smaller  using the ruler, and then when I needed more I cut up the pieces left from the strips I used in the blocks. This made great use of them and I was really pleased I'd found a home for them, instead of adding to the scrap drawer.

I had to stagger the pieces slightly when sewing them together, and I found it was better to do this in chunks of time, rather than using them as Leader enders for another project. Once I'd got the seam allowance right it went very smoothly, but if I had to leave it and come back I had to get my eye used to the amount to offset all over again.

 I slightly trimmed the strips afterwards, making the border as wide as possible, and it ended up a weird 2 7/8". It didn't matter what the final size was, as I intended to just but the corners and not try to make the triangles line up.

I sewed a 2 1/2" blue border to the top first, then the coloured pieced strip, then another 2 1/2" border. The bias edges of some of the pieces seemed a bit wavy in places, but I know this will quilt up beautifully flat, when I get around to it.

I'm not the sort to Squeal, you understand, but this top really delights me, and I feel a thrill of satisfaction looking at it. I had so much fun I'm sure I'll be making another one some time, but I have other ideas to work out first.

And all  of the weird skinny bits left over from cutting the other odd scraps? I cut tiny 1" diamonds from them and tucked a little pile into the box of handsewing pieces. Now I can finally throw out the small  heap of bits that remain- I certainly get my moneys worth from this thing we call fabric....


Jan June 29, 2014  

You are certainly a quilter after my own heart, I love those little pieces, too and am crazy for how you made beautiful use of your cutaways.

Sue SA June 30, 2014  

Love the border, just perfect for this quilt and a great use of your "scraps". Making the diamonds out of the final scraps just proves your economical to the core and a fan of Bonnie Hunter!

Vivian July 03, 2014  

I can't part with scraps of any form, and ones that can be worked into the quilt they came from, those are the best scraps of all.
I've been following this quilt with great interest. In fact, after I read you June 21 post, I promptly ordered Heather's book and ruler. Now--I just need to push myself to read, read, read the book and actually start something with her instructions and the ruler. Your quilt will be so crisp and pretty. I'm hoping I can come up with an equally fun project.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Mayleen July 08, 2014  

I love both quilts! Could you let me know how you pieced the diamond border on the medallion quilt?

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