Saturday, June 21, 2014

A while ago I read on Heather Mulder Peterson's blog about a ruler, the Triangler, that she'd developed and I could instantly see all sorts of uses for it. I ordered it and the accompanying book, and I've been a bit sidetracked since then.

I've limited myself to starting two new quilts, but I love the possibilities I can see using this shape.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is the same as a Tri  Tool, because the angles are very different. That top angle is 45 degrees, which means it can be used to piece eight point stars for one thing, and a whole lot of other amazing blocks if you look at the instructions in the book. I'm very impressed with the way the book is set out, and the handy tips that make things so much easier, including pressing instructions. These are of course my own opinions, but not only can I see myself making the quilts in the book, but also using it as a jumping off point for a lot of ideas of my own. That makes it very good value to me, even taking into account that I had it shipped to Australia.(Very quickly, and with a handwritten note as well -I was very happy with the response)

So which quilt did I decide to start with? I loved Windsor Knot, shown here with her gorgeous little son Carter.

 I made it slightly different to Heather. She appliqued over the centres with a square, which looks very nice and covers up a multitude of sins  if you're not too sure about how neatly you can match all those points.

I decided to have a go at getting them to sit nicely, and then if they looked dodgy I could add something afterwards.

 I don't have very many modern prints in my stash, but I gathered a few on my table and began cutting. Everything went together really well, the instructions were a cinch to follow and before long I had twelve blocks on the design wall. I'd had such a good time and they'd gone together so quickly I decided to make another eight so that I had twenty.

And the centres were working out pretty well, so I was all enthused.

Don't you love it when a project goes so easily that you just want to keep on and on until it's finished? If the astute among you are sensing a "but" coming, stay tuned and I'll tell you how I like to make things more difficult for myself.


Beth Karese June 21, 2014  

That's a neat block. I found myself lingering looking at it. Sometimes I saw blue stars, and then it was scrappy stars on a blue background. It reminds me of that picture where you look at it one way and it's a beautiful, young woman and then you see an old, ugly woman. :-)

Vivian June 21, 2014  

Oh dear -- I've been trying to avoid buying new toys and tools. But your description of this ruler and the excellent instructions from Heather (no surprise there) -- well, I may just have to place an order myself.
Your blocks look perfect, and without hiding the center seam. Well done!

antique quilter June 21, 2014  

thanks for the review, I love it when someone shares a review like this. I can tell your really happy with the ruler. Love your version I saw a quilt like this once where she put buttons at the center to avoid showing her seams :)


Chookyblue...... June 22, 2014  

love that book and rulers........have worked on 2 so far.......

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