Friday, June 06, 2014

I had a whole day of cuddles with Isobel and she's absolutely gorgeous. It will be lovely being so close to her, I don't get to see my beautiful grandsons very much because of distance and I really regret that. But next month Rob and family are coming to meet the latest arrival, so they'll all be together, which will be wonderful.

In sewing matters I was using these Nifty Thrifty blocks of Bonnies as leader-enders, but they decided to take over and I'm close to finishing the top. I'm making a pieced border for them, so there's still a fair bit of sewing left to do, but it will be  my main project until it's all done.

I'll have to get out the graph paper and work out how to turn the corners, but I quite enjoy doing that. I just hope that it's fairly easy to resolve.
I've also been hand-piecing the borders for this old project and I'm nearly finished those too. I've been working on so many different things that I'm going to have about four new tops soon, and then I get to pick out some more old projects to work on. I think I've worked out the borders for a few tops as well, so I want to get stuck into them. So many ideas and decisions, but I'm really enthusiastic, which is a very good thing.


Samplings from Spring Creek June 14, 2014  

Quilt looks great--I wouldn't change a thing. Yes, I also grow weary near the end!

Beautiful baby!

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