Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love my digital camera, and the way that I can capture so many moments that would otherwise be lost. But it's still frustrating that a lot of the time I'm not carrying it, and you can't stage the day to day happenings again, especially where animals are concerned. So yesterday I decided to try making some some drawings to illustrate a little snippet that I found funny. Bear in mind that these are very rough, small and done in about five minutes each. If I sat and looked at them properly the perfectionist in me would start redrawing and it would be next week until they were 'good enough'. So they is what they is.

I had noticed Pippi sitting in the open doorway, staring at something in the yard. I thought she should have been lying out in the lovely sunshine, but she wouldn't go outside on her own for some reason.
I went out to hang some clothes out, and saw the reason for her hesitation, a little black cat about six months old lying by an old pot and acting as if he had every right to be there.
Pippi was cowering behind my knees, with all the fur on her back standing up.She couldn't believe this thing was in Her yard, lying on Her grass, and now talking to Her mum! It wasn't right!

This was obviously a neighbour's pet, he was so tame and unafraid, and when he was looking at me he was so sweet and friendly, and looked like this...
However when Pippi put a tentative paw in his direction, his ears flattened , his eyes became pointy diamonds with narrowed slit pupils, and his neck stretched out like a snake about to strike.
That was all it took, Pippi gave a horrified howl and fled back to the house, tail tucked between her legs.

The cat lay down and nibbled a blade of grass with a very smug expression on it's face, no mere dog was going to interrupt his sunbathing, thankyou very much!


BilboWaggins,  March 27, 2012  

You definitely don't need your camera, gorgeous drawings, love how you have shown the changes in the cat's expression.

Laura March 28, 2012  

That is hilarious! lol Of course I am owned by three cats so I may be biased...

Love the drawings. You are so talented!

Sarah March 30, 2012  

A beautifully illustrated story :)

Henrietta March 30, 2012  

Poor poor Pippi and lucky cat that she is so unconfrontational. My Jack Russell would have routed him in seconds.

*karendianne. April 04, 2012  

What talent you have. You're a wonderful story teller and the magnificent illustrations - wow! What a treat. FANTASTIC POST. *karendianne.

The Civil War Quilter May 05, 2012  

I so enjoyed your story and pictures! Just stumbled onto your blog and after reading one post, I think I'll join!

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