Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Now that I've made about twenty nine-patch blocks I'm turning them on point like this. I need two 5 1/8" squares for each block, and I'm using a few different fabrics to keep it interesting.
I cut the squares once on the diagonal..
And then I trim the points off at about 4 3/4".
This allows me to centre the triangle on the ninepatch easily, but you can also just crease the centre of the block and the triangle and match them up if you don't want to do this step.

Lay the triangle on the block and make sure there is the same size little triangular piece showing at each end, this means it's centred.Sew triangles on opposite sides, press,then add the remaining two triangles.
You can see that trimming the points earlier makes lining up the last two triangles very easy, and there's nothing to trim afterwards either.

The nine patch is 6" and the blocks finish at 8 1/2", so they mount up pretty quickly.

Once I've finished these I'm going to play with the setting because I don't know how big I'm going to make it yet. One thing at a time, I'm having fun with these really simple blocks.


Britt March 24, 2012  

I love this block - and confess that nine patches are a favorite of mine too. Your cutting method for a scrappy approach is very nice.

I've had so much fun going through your blog and just love your quilts! I love reproduction fabrics...well most fabric really! But have been making a number from repos lately.

Floss April 04, 2012  

Simple book can make the nices quilts, Love how nine patches look when set on point.

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