Sunday, September 04, 2011

Here's a close up of the setting fabric for the Feathered Square blocks. I didn't realise it was a quilting fabric until I read the selvedge, this feels more like a lightweight dress material. I do love the pattern, and when I first saw this there were very few large repro type prints available so I fell on it and bought about four metres.

I'd already used it as a setting fabric in a smaller top and it was flimsy but the straight seams helped control it- no bias to worry about here.
I like the idea of making a pillowcase from the remaining fabric, thanks Henrietta!

It was also Henrietta who said that Dolly and Pippi were such good dogs. Yes they are..... but there have been times when they've been in disgrace. Take for instance this pretty pink and green top of a friends that we ordered a special pink and green thread for....
Pippi pinched the reel from the table and this is what it looked like by the time I found it- unrecognisable. And as it came from America there was no hope of quickly getting another. Bad Pippi! And Dolly has turned out to be a cat chaser which is something we're trying to discourage- but no-one's perfect, are they?

The golf course is so lush in parts that the dogs have to wade through the grass and weeds. This is the last resting place of many golf balls but they love it and it uses up a lot of their excess energy jumping through it.
But there's always enough pep left for attacking a sister when she least expects it...Gotcha!


sewprimitive karen September 05, 2011  

Arrrr the thrill of the attack lol!

Man, that thread is a goner. Imported thread, yet. Oh, Pippi.

I can see why you love that print. And it looks so cute in the small top as well.

Meggie September 06, 2011  

My one remaining little dog is such a comfort to me, in my loss and grief. Dogs really are wonderful.

QuiltingFitzy September 06, 2011  

If you can re-order it and have it sent to my house, I'm more than happy to send it on to you. Contact me if you'd like to do that.

I love your pups! Even when they're b-a-d.

antique quilter September 11, 2011  

oh I remember that fabric, Daisy Kingdom was a little girls dress company that made the cutest frilly little girl dresses when my girls were little . YOu could buy the fabric and make the dresses, or dresses like it if you couldn't afford to buy their dresses, yes they were pricey! i remember making the girls little sundresses from fabrics of theirs. you bought the fabric in Joanns or Rag shop I don't remember it ever being carried in quilt shops.
fun to see the dogs playing! thanks for sharing pictures of them !

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