Sunday, September 11, 2011

I suppose pikelets are an English thing, along with the scone, which, by the way we pronounce to rhyme with John. The American tv shows we've heard make it rhyme with stone, which we find peculiar. And I've got no idea how the English say it, any British readers out there that can offer their pronounciation?

Anyway, my recipe comes from this book, which is the first cookbook Keryn and I ever owned. Mum gave us each a copy when we were in our early teens, and they were duly placed in the "Glory Box", ready to assist us in our married life. (I should do a seperate post on this out-dated custom, which was virtually a trousseu girls collected over years and years, usually in a big trunk of some kind.) This book is Keryn's, which stayed a lot cleaner than mine did.
I used to make pikelets when the boys had sleepovers, and I can remember standing over the frying pan making batch after batch and watching them all disappear at an incredible rate. They were a great cheap snack to fill up hungry boys, and the ingredients were always at hand. I was happy when the boys graduated to being able to cook them on their own, and then I didn't have stand there, spatula in hand and looking at a child holding a plate out for more, more, More!!
And yes, they are smaller than usual, because I found this cute little ladle at the op-shop, and even though I had no idea what I'd use it for I had to buy it. That's a teaspoon for scale. It makes
dear little pikelets, and I love the fact that they're all the same size, and that I found a use for my purchase.
I'm still flitting from project to project- will I ever settle down to one thing again?
There are nine of the pastel Arrowhead blocks, still being pieced at night while watching telly. (two finished since this photo was taken)
These blocks have been resurrected and now there's ten of them.
There's eight of these blocks, and then there's the nine-patches!

Arggh! the nine-patches! (clutches head and wails...) I can't stop making them......110 at last count and I still haven't decided on the setting!


Lynley September 11, 2011  

Those blocks look great - I'm looking forward to seeing it all together. I'm still shovelling pikelets into my hungry boys - they insist on adding food colouring, usually blue. They taste the same, but it's just not right.

Leeanne September 11, 2011  

I love your blocks.
Yes I have always made truck loads of pikelets for my hungry mob, they feed a crowd, what I find is if I let them start eating while I'm still cooking I always miss out!
Here in New Zealand they are popular with jam and whipped cream and a nice cup of tea!

Henrietta September 11, 2011  

Despite having lived in America for 35 years I couldn't manage without my cuppa about 4:30, right before starting the evening feed chores.

We pronounce scone to rhyme with John in my family. When you get right down to it American is a different language. They have something here they call an English muffin, it is good but it is not a muffin. I made the mistake of buying a package of crumpets once. Those were just nasty.

Do you have baps in Australia and Hovis? I am a carb-a-holic and for the most part bread in the USA is awful. Lori makes wonderful bread, always a treat when I am in SD. I think we will have pikelets for tea tomorrow.

Henrietta September 11, 2011  

Almost forgot, your glory box which was called a Hope Chest in the USA (nasty, getting married was something to be hoped for so you wouldn't end up a lonely old maid) was referred to as the Bottom Drawer in my girlhood.

Sue SA September 11, 2011  

Love the blocks but really really looking forward to seeing the nine patches!! My mother made pikelets when we were kids and then use to make them withe kinder kids when she was teaching. I made scones today and must admit I prefer them to pikelets because they all cook at once so the chef doesnt miss out! Happy quilting Sue SA.

sewprimitive karen September 11, 2011  

It is inspiring how creative you are with these stacks of blocks and the wonderful settings they go into.

Kim September 11, 2011  

Love these blocks! Can't wait to see them all set into quilts. Just lovely!

quiltmom September 12, 2011  

Pikelets sound like a version of pancakes or crepes.
Love the blocks too Mereth, That is one fine pile of 9 patches.
As for hope chests- I never had one though my younger sister did. She inherited the hope chest from an aunt.

Lyn September 19, 2011  

I don't have a copy of that book but Mum does and I hope she holds on to it for me- the recipe( which I have used for about 30 years) for when I make scones is out of it I'm sure- Featherlight Scones- love the work you are doing

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