Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm still enjoying sewing my nine-patches, but I thought I'd better start making some decisions about setting them into blocks. I hunted through my extensive collection of photos and it was so hard choosing just one. I want to make them all!!
This is what I was thinking of originally, just a standard double nine-patch, with sashing, pretty straight forward. How about that colour though, I don't think I'm brave enough for all that yellow- wow!
I've always loved this very ordered setting, and it wasn't until I studied it this time that I noticed the chains are made from the white squares. For this I'd need to use five shirting squares in each little block, and four dark squares, but I've done them the other way around. Oh well, next time.

This made me look at my other pictures more closely and I found a lot of the antique ones were made with this configuration, some of the times set on point as well.
Doesn't this simple change in the placement of the light squares create a whole new look? And here's a luscious Amish version, love those darker colours.
This just makes me think I have to create more and more nine-patches in all sorts of fabric placements to try all these different ideas. I'm not sick of them yet and they make great leader-enders- how many nine-patch quilts can you start before you know you've got a problem (hint: obsession!)


sewprimitive karen September 18, 2011  

Love your inspiration photos. Isn't it neat how they highlighted the alternate blocks in the first one with that peachy(?) background color against the yellow (definitely go for the full-tilt yellow, it's wonderful!). Also would love to see you create an Amish quilt.

Jan September 19, 2011  

Those are some great inspiration pics. The Amish quilt and the madder & indigo are really making me swoon. Your blocks are so nice. I just love browns!

Leeanne September 19, 2011  

Aren't nine patches great! Good luck, what ever you do will look great.When I made mine I did a simple sashing with corner stones.

julieQ September 20, 2011  

A person needs 28 nine patch that gives you some room to go for it, LOL!! Beautiful nines, by the way!

Ullan tilkut October 06, 2011  

The quilts are fantstic! I love them! Thank you for your lovely blog! It's so nice to find other quilters from the other side of the world! :)
Ulla from Finland!

Lori in South Dakota October 11, 2011  

A while back I participated in a quilt-a-long--9 patch a day. Well, 9 patches are like potato chips--you can never make just one!! The 9 patches led to 3 queen size tops. I could make more in a flash--they are addicting. I LOVE the yellow quilt!

Meggie October 26, 2011  

Obesession?? What obsession? I find 9 patches are still my favourites.

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