Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Feathered Square blocks are together, and I'm very relieved to have this done. The fabric I chose for the setting was an old favourite, but it wasn't very good quality and it sagged and stretched and generally misbehaved. Those long bias edges on the triangles were very hard to keep flat, and even after they were sewn to the blocks and stabilised the strips seemed to change lengths as they were pinned on the design wall. I had to bribe myself to keep sewing until it was all done, and I could only do one long seam at a time before I lost patience.Of course I like it now that it's in one piece and all the bias has been contained but there were times that I was ready to stuff it back in the project box and put it on top of the highest cupboard in the sewing room. Where it had been for many years before this.

I've done this Streak of lightning set many times before, and this is the first time I've ever had any trouble. I still have a little bit of this fabric left and even though I like the design the flimsiness might dictate where I use it from now on.
I made pikelets a while ago and everywhere I moved in the kitchen I was concious of this appealing little figure in the background. She knows she has to "sit" before she gets any treat, so she shuffles around on her bottom as she follows me, eyes pleading and the very tip of her tail wagging quickly. "Pleease!" Needless to say I usually give in and she gets a taste of what I'm having.


Kate August 27, 2011  

The end result does not look like you struggled - it looks wonderful - you have such a nice way with colours!!

Jan August 27, 2011  

Wow! I am so happy that you persevered with this one. It's a really great top.
Pikelets must be pancakes as we call them in the US? Yes, you've got to give the pup a taste!

Sue SA August 27, 2011  

Thanks for the tips, I have been hanging on to a small pictures of a streak of lightening setting (with four patches) but never knew what it was called or how it was done, but now I have no excuse! I am a sucker for 4 and 9 patch, so looking forward to seeing hte 9 patch sewn up. Love the combo of colours on the woven geese also, never seen this pattern but its so effective. Happy quilting (and baking) Sue Sa.

Andrea August 27, 2011  

Clicked for a good look and that " naughty" fabric is really pretty and sets off the blocks a treat. Another gorgeous quilt. Have a lovely weekend xxx

Unknown August 27, 2011  

Gorgeous quilt! Love that setting fabric!

Kim August 27, 2011  

What a beautiful quilt!! Just lovely!!

*karendianne. August 27, 2011  

Oh my goodness but this is stunning. It a real beauty. …and that little someone cute in the background definitely deserved a treat or two.

sewprimitive karen August 27, 2011  

Cutest picture ever of Pippi hoping for a pikelet (never heard that word before). Pippi's Pikelets and Other Tales lol. Be still my heart, the troublesome background fabric looks wonderful.

Henrietta September 01, 2011  

Maybe a matching pillowcase for the background remnant?

If I weren't a lifelong Jack Russell person Pippi and Dolly would have converted me to a Staffie person. They are such good dogs.

Your pikelets look a bit larger than others I have seen, about 10cm? I think I have to make some right away, wish I had some gooseberry jam.

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