Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Woven Geese now has a border, and the backing is pieced and pressed, waiting for it's turn on Millhouse. I'm really pleased with this simple pattern and I'm already planning one in different fabrics. Matt will probably end up with this one and I'll make a prettier one for me.

I'm still flitting from one set of blocks to another, and have even begun a new project.
I've always wanted to make another Double Nine Patch, so I've started making the units. I was cutting strips for one of my sets of blocks, and thought I'd just cut the one and a half inch strips while I was at it. Then I thought I'd just "test" a few blocks and suddenly I've got a production line going and the nine patches are all I want to sew.

I don't care, I don't want to feel pressured to stick with any particular project, and I'm having so much fun I can't feel guilty over my flightiness. However I did need a way to keep all my pieces separated nicely, and I found these plastic catering trays in the cheap shop.
They are big enough for the individual sections of the blocks I'm working on, and then I can stack them all neatly depending on what I feel like sewing at the moment.
I think they're great for organising my piecing, even if it was for just one project instead of the three I'm sewing now. As you can see I've got about six trays stacked up there- that's not excessive, surely?


marie August 24, 2011  

I love your woven geese quilt. Actually I love all the quilts you make, I wish I could put colors together like you.

sewprimitive karen August 24, 2011  

I'm with Marie, I'm so interested in all of the quilts that you make. They are so distinctive and so, so pretty!

Kate August 24, 2011  

Yep - yummy, yummy - you take something ostensibly simple and make it look great - so glad you share your creations!!!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter August 24, 2011  

Love your quilt and your new header. V nice.


Jan August 25, 2011  

Your woven geese top turned out beautifully!
9 patchs can be quite addicting, can't they?!

tirane93 August 26, 2011  

you really do have a knack for making the simple traditional blocks into stunning quilts. thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Ginette August 26, 2011  

Lovely. Flying geese are among my favorite blocks. Your woven variation inspires. A step beyond sashing.

Karen August 27, 2011  

I love Flying Geese in a quilt. A whole quilt of them is wonderful. You always have interesting pieced quilts in the works.

Henrietta September 01, 2011  

Absolutely not excessive. Life is too short to spend it doing penance for imaginary sins. If it gives you pleasure that is all that matters.

Thank you for taking the time to give your readers pleasure.

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