Thursday, August 04, 2011

This is the project that I was hand-cutting pieces for last week. I'm not sure what this pattern is called, Broken Arrow?

These blocks were an old UFO that I wasn't even sure I wanted to finish. They spent some time in the orphan pile before I decided I did want to make more and rescued them. They are terribly wishy-washy, but I wanted that faded, washed-a-hundred-times look, rather like my Rolling Stone top I did last year.
And the hexagon blocks that I finally finished......I think I should stop with the faded wishy-washy theme already! All these blocks are an attempt to use up all my old, old fabric, and I don't seem to be making a huge difference. I decided to go through all my containers and weed out everything from that early era, 1980 to early '9o's, and I was shocked at how much I still had. I think once these tops are all finished then I have to take whatever's left and piece backs for them and hopefully that will use it up entirely.

While I was rummaging in the container of diamonds I'd cut out I decided to try piecing a Carpenter's Star by hand, just to see how tedious it was.
I enjoyed it, even though it was time consuming, so I might start cutting some of these from my nice reproductions. I was hesitant before because I thought I might hate all those set-in squares, but they were a doddle by hand. I've always loved this pattern, now to choose which version to sew...
I don't know that I could use just one fabric, might get a bit boring, even though the results are stunning.Alternate setting blocks so I don't have to make so many...?Mmm, I'm going to have a hard time choosing because I love all the possibilites!


Leeanne August 04, 2011  

Oh that's a hard decision! I like all the settings you have presented....Ok I'll go now as I'm not much help....

Caroline in NH August 05, 2011  

My favorites are the one you made, and the last one. Love the ones with contrast!

Jan August 05, 2011  

Carpenter's wheel is a great pattern. You can hardly go wrong, they are all fine options. Looking forward to seeing your blocks - the first one is beautiful!

Henrietta August 10, 2011  

I like the third one best, the offset setting has a lot of charm. The one odd block looks very much like the Swoon pattern blocks Lori and I got seduced by.

Sigh. Another UFO stalled for want on one last block and some time. Maybe a little concentration is needed too, I have been suffering from the flitters also. :)

*karendianne. August 17, 2011  

I love the setting ideas and the block myself. You can't go wrong no matter what direction you go. I think. :)

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