Thursday, December 30, 2010

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and didn't get too stressed out by all the hype. The best part of my Christmas was finally getting to know dear little Logan- I could hardly wait to get my hands on him. He is fifteen different kinds of cute, and even when I wasn't holding him it was fun just watching his face and generally doting on him. It's hard to believe he's only seven weeks old, he's going to be pretty big by all predictions.

It was so lovely to see how Logan responded to Elisa and Rob, he obviously knows he's adored and he's one happy little baby. I miss him already.
I'll have to content myself with my puppy, who's growing up very quickly.
I wanted to draw her quite often, and I haven't done as much as I could, being caught up in the Christmas rush and all, but these are some of my sketches.
Perhaps my New Year's resolutions could include doing a drawing of her every day- I could document her growing up.


Henrietta December 30, 2010  

Both puppie (human and dog) are adorable, you are such a talented artist. The cat painting I bought from you sits in my office.

Pokey December 30, 2010  

Oh, I'm sure you'll miss that little guy, what a sweetie.
Your puppy is cute, too, Ive been enjoying your pictures of her, and your drawings are quite remarkable!

Brenda December 30, 2010  

Both very cute. Love your drawings.

sewprimitive karen December 30, 2010  

That first picture does not look like a seven-week-old baby! Boy, he's a pretty one. Mereth, your drawings are wonderful of the sweet puppy.

Meggie December 31, 2010  

Logan is one lovely baby. So is your darling dog- love your sketches.

QuiltingFitzy January 01, 2011  

Your drawing is amazing, and the baby is SO sweet!

I wish I could have one of these type of dogs, this is now the second breding I've had to wish thru!

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