Saturday, January 01, 2011

We had great plans for achieving things this long weekend, but the heat (44 degreesC or 111 F) has meant that we've been settled in front of the air-conditioner just trying to stay cool. Today wasn't quite as bad, but the heat always upsets my plans and drains my energy. I'm a winter person I'm afraid, but we've got three more months of this so I'd better get over it.

Of course plans to handsew are impractical because of the general stickiness and short temper, but I did finish the last of these blocks.

I thought I only had ten more to do, and then I found a little container with eight more hiding in it. Gagh! But finally they're done, now if only I could remember how I wanted to set them.

Originally they were going to look like this, with just two rounds in each block.
I've lost the photo of the antique quilt that made me decide to add another round, but it was something like this, without the hexagon centre.
I know it had two setting colours like this, but beyond that I'm at a loss.
I should have finished the darn thing while it was still fresh in my memory. I've lost so many wonderful pictures of antique quilts in various computer crashes, and I still get cranky thinking about them. Now external strorage devices are so cheap it's not a problem, thank goodness.

Keryn and I spent an hour yesterday making a list of goals and directions for 2011, and we'd be all fired up and ready to go, except for that whole energy-sucking heat thing. But at least we know what we're aiming for.

Pippi has displayed quite an astonishing aptitude for excavating, and all but disappeared in this hole she dug yesterday. She was standing on her hindlegs here, and you can see the dirt flung around in all directions. I think we'd better distract her from her hobby; the first time she digs up a garden bed I won't be quite so amused...
Can you see a theme with the drawings ie pippi's always asleep. I tried drawing her sitting up today, and she got so excited as I continually glanced at her that she ended up prancing around barking at me.
She refused to stay still after that, no wonder I like it when she's fast asleep...


sewprimitive karen January 01, 2011  

Pippi is so proud of her big hole! I'm feeling for you in the heat; I can't stand it here in Atlanta either and dread its coming each year. I didn't know you had lost quilt images! That has to hurt. I have thousands saved and like you, I have them backed up on external hard drives now. Keep those drawings in a safe place, too, they are so wonderful!

Karen January 01, 2011  

It is hot there for sure! Not conducive to quilt making.

I am like you sometimes where I have not made notes or have a picture of what I intended to do in the making of a quilt. It becomes a whole new adventure at that point. I have not thought of using an external hard drive to save antique quilt pictures. That is a good idea.

pdudgeon January 01, 2011  

yep, i definitely like using the diamonds to separate the hexes in that quilt. Had you thought of setting the hexes on a solid background square? it might make piecing the top together a bit easier.

julieQ January 02, 2011  

Happy New Year!! Love your hexagon quilt, and I too have lost some pictures due to computer problems. Your darling a digger darling doggy!!

Lori January 02, 2011  

Happy New Year! Pippi must be looking for a cool spot--maybe at the bottom of the hole. Please send some warm weather here, it was -18F with 50 mph winds. I would love to be sitting in front of the air conditioner with you.

Laura in IA January 03, 2011  

It just gives you an opportunity to design something new if you want - serendipity I say.

Tazzie January 03, 2011  

Pippi is just adorable, I'm going to enjoy seeing her antics as she grows thru puppydom.
Happy New Year to you!

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