Friday, December 03, 2010

You asked for puppy pictures and here they are. This little girl is "V", named because she had a v-shaped white blaze when she was born. It's sort of disappeared but the name stuck.
This is Buggles, unkindly named because she was 'bloody ugly' when she was born, but now she has her own charm and is pretty cute. The name stuck.
"Kitty" who was black with a white stripe on her face and rather small. She looked more like a kitten than a puppy but now she's filled out and is the friendliest, cuddliest little thing.
"Boofa", the only male puppy and he's always been the fattest and sookiest one. He's going to be a beautiful dog when he grows up."Mirra" who is the smallest puppy, but the most active and playful. She's going to need lots of attention but she's so funny and mischievious that I was tempted to keep her. There would never be a dull moment with her around.

But right from the start I knew I wanted to keep "Pippi".
She's very much like my Panda from the last litter and as soon as she was born I fell in love with the white stockings on her front legs. I said she was Pippi Longstocking and Pippi she's remained.
I wondered if her personality would let her down, if I'd fall in love with one of the others but I'm still adamant that she's the one for me.
She seems placid and sensible and adores her big sister Dolly

How cute is she? Expect to see lots more when she finally comes to live with me, in a couple of weeks time....


patingreece,  December 04, 2010  

are they all spoken for? Boofa?

Jan December 04, 2010  

Oh, they are all so cute, but there is usually a special puppy that seems "just for you". Fun names, too!

Brenda December 04, 2010  

Love her name and look forward to watching her grow.

Henrietta December 04, 2010  

I could kiss those tiny white back toes. Any dog with a Jack Russell stripe between the eyes has to be a good 'un.

PS welcome back.

Lori December 04, 2010  

Puppy pictures! Made my evening. I can feel those puppy teeth gnawing on my fingers. Puppy kisses. Puppy snuggles. Puppy puddles!

Anonymous,  December 05, 2010  

Thaks so much for the puppy pictures. I'm confused about where and with whom all the canine players live. Is Dolly Keryn's dog? Are Macca and Bonnie living together or just friends with benefits? Whose is Jessie? Mary

Jenni December 06, 2010  

Yes I'm not sure who Jessie is. They are all very cute, which pups are still looking for a home? Pippi looks adorable.

Meggie December 07, 2010  

They all look wonderful to me. I am sure you will love having little Pippi in your life.
"Happiness is a warm Puppy" after all.

Tonya Ricucci January 06, 2011  

oh they are so adorable. I want a puppy!!! course I'd hate to see what would happen when the cats found out.

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