Tuesday, December 07, 2010

To clear up the confusion about the dogs, Jessie is Matt's first dog, a miniature Fox Terrier. She's nearly nine years old, but still has tremendous energy and is incredibly Busy, despite the number of white hairs around her muzzle. She's a fantastic mouser and during the winter when we had a mouse plague she dispatched dozens of them with great efficiency. The staffies didn't want to know, and Dolly used to look the other way and pretend she couldn't see anything- What mouse?When we lived out the farm she used to disappear down rabbit holes and once was missing for four hours. Eventually she came back, dirty and triumphant, no doubt having finished off a few bunnies as well.
This is the view we usually see of her, hunting in every likely looking nook and cranny for something to chase.
She's a dog of very little brain, but she's fun to watch, and very loyal. My mum loved her, and when she was living with us just before she got so sick, Jessie was her constant companion. Even though she's such a quick little thing, darting here and there in a white blur, she would keep pace with Mum, one painful step at a time. Mum was very touched by this, and even though it sometimes took ten minutes to go from one room to the other with her walker, Jessie was right there beside her. You've got to love a faithful heart like that.

When Mum died she left her grandchildren a few hundred dollars each, and Matt used his money to buy Macca. No money could have been better spent, because this dog has changed Matt's life for the better, and they are totally bonded to each other. It's lovely to see. And now Keryn has Dolly, who is Macca's daughter, and I have Pippi.

Bonnie belongs to the friend that Matt shares a house with, and is the mother of the puppies. So that's the family history of the dogs so far.


Nancy Anne December 11, 2010  

Mereth - I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog posts! You and Keryn both provide such interesting posts - both quilty and non-quilty. Love the dogs and have really enjoyed reading about them. While I almost never comment, please be assured that I am out here (along with many, many others I am sure!) lurking and enjoying!

Anonymous,  December 14, 2010  

Thanks for clearing up who the dogs are and where they fit in the family tree.
I belong to a cocker spaniel rescue group. A couple years ago I went to pick up a litter of abandoned puppies at a rural shelter. They were crated a yr old male labrador with a gift for mothering. He was keeping the group together, making sure everyone got enough to eat, cleaning up after them, and wrapping himself around the whole group to keep them warm. We sprung him from the shelter, too. Mary

Henrietta December 15, 2010  

Jessie looks and behaves like a Jack Russell who never got her tail cropped. Mine are far from brainless but they are terriers and very selective about what they can hear and when they will hear it, which can be absolutely infuriating.

julieQ December 20, 2010  

What a touching story of a loyal dog...just love her, and seeing her hind end is funny!

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