Thursday, October 21, 2010

I feel so bad about neglecting the blog, but life has dealt us another surprise that has taken up whatever spare time there was. Our workshop is located in a rented building and the owners are coming back, so that means we have to move. And as Keryn lives in the house attatched to the workroom, she has to move too! Boy, I thought my relocation was upheaval, but Keryn has to shift all her printing and office stuff- paper, files, pattern stockpile, computers, printers and paraphanalia, the many bolts of fabric we have for sale and all her teaching stuff as well as the household, and I have to worry about the things related to the quilting side of things, boxes of customer quilts, rolls of batting and backings, threads etc, and most concerning of all, Millhouse. We're leaving that to the professional movers, and I'm pretty sure they've never seen a longarm before. They seemed puzzled that we actually mentioned moving a 'sewing machine' specifically so they might get a shock when they see it.

I've been trying to finish as many quilts as I can so that they can be picked up and out of here; the less customer tops I have to keep track of the better. I feel torn between quilting and packing, but they're both getting done in a frenzied sort of way.

So there has been much lugging of stuff and packing and an unnatural interest in cardboard boxes lately. It's much harder now to find a good cardboard box because a lot of them are broken down for recycling and we never see them. But the little supermarket next to Keryn puts some out the front and they are eagerly snapped up so we've taken to haunting the place lately. I know from moves in the past that this interest persists long after the need has passed, and it feels wrong to leave a particularly 'nice' box in the pile.

We've uncovered a few items that have been missing since Keryn moved into the place three years ago ("So that's where we put it!") and we're trying to downsize at the same time. I was feeding bags into the Goodwill bin the other day, and was quite embarrassed to find I'd filled it up and nothing more would go in.

One of the things we found was perhaps our oldest UFO, a Double Wedding Ring started in about 1979 or 80. Keryn drafted the pieces from a picture in an American Country Living magazine, and not knowing any better we thought it was made in square blocks, hence the seam through the centre piece. We chose the colours to make this graduated effect in the rings, and I'm still quite happy with that. But the horrible calico background and the seams in it put us off and it has lain untouched for all these years.
In our memory it was mostly in pieces, so we were surprised to find that the blocks were all sewn together except for the last row, which is missing two blocks. All it would take would be a blank label block or two, a few seams and a quick border. Not gonna happen this year, but now that I see how little work would be involved in finishing it, I will have a go when we're settled in.
I felt very sad when middle son Rob remarked the other day "Mum, your blog's Dead !!" and decided I have to resurrect it. I've loved having this record of the years, and months have gone by without a word. Internet problems will occur with the next move too, but we'll try to work round them and get back to regular posts. Stay with us, we'll get there in the end....


Chookyblue...... October 21, 2010  

oh Mereth.........i was thinking you girls the other day.....wondering what you were up too.......where are you going to move to was such a great spot.....
goodluck with all the moving.........

Leeanne October 21, 2010  

Wow a big move and trying to keep your business running smoothly .
What a neat find all those lovely blocks, when the day comes to finish it you will be pleased.

Andrea October 21, 2010  

Really hope you get settled soon - I am missing yours and Keryn's lovely posts. Wishing you both an early Happy Birthday xxx

Diana October 21, 2010  

I'd been missing your posts, too, and had been hoping that everything was all right. Good luck with the move!

pdudgeon October 21, 2010  

well boo to the lovely owners, who are making you move again!

Here's hoping that you both end up in a lovely situation with lots of room for poor Millhouse, all your bolts, and plenty of parking for your loyal customers. any chance you could find a lovely vacant shop with rooms above?
no chance you could come to the US is there?

Tazzie October 21, 2010  

Great to hear from you Mereth, I've been wondering how you've been going. I hope all the moving is going well, I know it can be a total pain.
Here's hoping you get some stitching time soon.

Nola October 21, 2010  

Welcome back, I've missed your updates! Hope the move goes painlessly. The Wedding Ring is rather nice, isn't it? It's funny how you can come back to these things and they aren't actually as awful as you remembered!

Tamera October 21, 2010  

Good luck with the move. I knew something big had to be keeping you girls away from your blogs! We're all thinking of you.

sewprimitive karen October 22, 2010  

I love your posts. Love the "unnatural interest in cardboard boxes" phrase, so true when one is moving. Do you know where you're moving to? That old building was pretty cool.

SueR October 23, 2010  

The blog is never dead. Loyal readers wait and watch for the new posts. We've moved many times over the years (military) and know what a lot of work it is. We go through closets and storage areas periodically and try to keep things pared down just for that reason. Good luck with your move!

Sue SA October 25, 2010  

I hope the move went well and the removalist didnt jack up his price when he saw Milhouse! Loving the wedding ring, OK see your point about the calico backing, but... its NEARLY finished, so that makes it a GOOD UFO as opposed to a WOMBAT (Waste Of Money Batting And Time)so looking forward to seeing what gorgous quilting it inspires from you, year when you are settled! Happy quilting Sue SA.

Henrietta November 07, 2010  

Thank you Rob for applying your foot to the maternal posterior. I have been missing my Oz fix summink terrible.

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