Monday, October 25, 2010

I've got my new design wall up and some blocks on it for inspiration, a few of my "gorgeous things" spread around and I'm ready to start a new project as soon as the huffing and puffing are over. The movers won't come for another ten days or so, which will give me time to concentrate on more customer tops and I may be able to fit in a bit of mindless sewing for myself. I just want it all over and done with.

There was a little break from quilting and packing last weekend when Keryn and I got to sit down and relax for a few hours. Bonnie and Macca (Dolly's parents) were expecting puppies again, and I had vowed I was going to drop everything the minute she went into labour so that I could sit with her. She conveniently started on Sunday afternoon and only took about four hours to have six puppies, so it was an exciting little interlude in between our other chores.
I don't know if our coaching helped her in any way, but she loved being the centre of attention and looked so pleased with herself afterwards. The pups are gorgeous, and as Dolly will be going to live with Keryn at the hall, I might be in the market for a dog. If one of them stands out as much as dear Panda did (I really would have loved to keep her...) then I think I'll be owning it.

Expect puppy updates in the future, they are always good blog fodder.....


Meggie October 26, 2010  

Those puppies look gorgeous and I would love to give them a cuddle too.
What a lot of upheaval you and Keryn have had. Hope things settle for you both.

pdudgeon October 26, 2010  

congratulations to Mum and Dad on their new offspring. hope things will settle soon for you both.

Sew Create It - Jane October 26, 2010  

Isn't she a good mom...glad all the pups arrived safely and yes please post updates...I have a daughter who would really enjoy seeing those pics.

Stephanie Newman November 03, 2010  

Awwwwh, how cute are those puppies? And I'm really not a dog person, but your mumma really does look contented with her lot, doesn't she?
Moving house is never easy, hope it all goes well.

Henrietta November 07, 2010  

I hope Bonnie had her babies at the new (old) house. She and Macca do make lovely pups. Like the looks of the second from the left in the first milk bar picture, is that the one with the spot in the second milkbar picture?
I shall enjoy seeing pictures of Macca with them when they are bigger, he is such a good, patient Dad.

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