Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just some quick puppy photos, we're still busy dismantling the workshop. Today I want to take down the thread racks and box the spools, but the ones with already wound bobbins will have to be put in ziplock bags to keep them together, and then all the pegboard hooks taken out and put somewhere safe. I still have about four days of quilting left before the Statler is taken apart, so I probably won't be able to find the thread I want, sigh, but I don't want to leave it till the last minute either.
I hate to think of the dust we'll find when we shift the workshop furniture, because some of it hasn't been moved for years but we'll just deal with that too.

And I've been jumping every time the phone rings, because that little bump in this post is now three days overdue, and I'm expecting an exciting announcement! And in other news, first-born son John and his lovely partner Liz have announced their engagement, so we'll have to celebrate with them as soon as the move is over. My head's spinning a bit, but as John says, "It's all good!"
Isn't this so stinkin'cute? One little girl is the current leader for favourite puppy,look at those little paws....


Nancy Anne October 31, 2010  

Unbelievably adorable - and so very tiny! Have you picked one out yet? Is this her? Looking forward to more pictures of the entire litter. Best of luck with Keryn's and the workshop's move. I'm sure it must be nice to know that you at least are done with moving for a while!

julieQ October 31, 2010  

What darling babies! I know you are so busy, take care and don't hurt your back moving!!

Meggie October 31, 2010  

I am so jealous of you!! What could be better than a warm, gorgeous puppy!!
give them all extra hugs from me!
and is your new love in amongst that little lot?

Kathi November 03, 2010  

I vote for #1 as it looks like it might be brindle like Mum. I do love that coloration. Too bad I'm half a world away- I'm a dab hand at moving after my dh's military career, and I'd dearly love a puppy!

Tonya Ricucci November 10, 2010  

cute cute cute. good thing I'm far away!

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