Sunday, September 13, 2009

The doors and windows top has borders, and I have to piece a backing for it now. I have this plan to make the backing and binding as soon as I've finished piecing the top and I've been good for the last three tops. I still have to quilt them but at least everything is prepared.

This is my latest finish, a Skinny Cross based on an old quilt on ebay. It was very shabby and faded, and there were a few black blocks mixed in with the soft florals and sprigged prints. I couldn't bring myself to replicate it to that extent, so I made do with some old but pretty fabrics in my stash.

I find these old florals too busy to use in my usual style of top, so I put them all into this one. Whatever was left I cut into 9 1/2" squares and pieced the back from them. It used up every bit of them;- I was scratching at the end and had to actually piece some blocks to get enough. I weighed the top and backing afterwards, and according to that I used 8 metres of material. How wonderful to get that all out of the stash, some of it had been hanging around for nearly thirty years!
There isn't much contrast between the blocks and the setting fabric, but I liked this effect. It reminded me of soft English quilts made out of sprigged cottons, and it looks very light and airy. If I get it quilted soon it will be my summer quilt, and I have some vintage blue and white pillowcases that would go very nicely with it. I can see it already.


sewprimitive karen September 13, 2009  

Oh, that is divine, I'm so envious of your antique-y looking summer quilt. Do you have the photo of the ebay quilt? Sounds like it was very wise to leave out the jarring black blocks. Oh, I just love this quilt.

Brenda September 13, 2009  

They're both great but I love the bottom one especially.

pdudgeon September 14, 2009  

both are beautiful. I love the ways you come up with for using up fabrics!

Lori in South Dakota September 14, 2009  

don't let Henrietta see it, a "soft English quilts made out of sprigged cottons" is exactly what she likes!

Tazzie September 14, 2009  

Two really lovely quilts you've made there Mereth. And what a clever girl you are to think of weighing a quilt top for the yardage. I never would have thought of that. What is your guesstimate for the weight of a metre of fabric?

Meggie September 14, 2009  

It looks quite dreamy & romantic really..
I love the way things old are new again!

Quilty Cat September 21, 2009  

Love your version of the Skinny Cross. Very summery. Lucky you to have to have the perfect pillowcases to go with it.
Am looking forward to seeing it quilted.
Congrats on using up the fabrics too. It's such a "wholesome" feeling isn't it? :) Carmel

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