Monday, September 21, 2009

Here is the old quilt I based my Skinny Cross on. Not much to go on really, the colours were terrible and the photo quality poor. I completely left out the brown and black blocks, they didn't add anything to the quilt in my opinion.
But sometimes you only need the tiniest spark to give you an idea for a whole quilt, and that's what happened here. I saw a way to use up all my old pale florals, and it worked. All gone now.
This quilt has been hanging around for years, and has had so many fabrics auditioned for it and rejected.
For years I've been buying madder fabrics and have enough for four more tops at a conservative estimate. Keryn's thoroughly sick of hearing me say "Oh, this fabric might go in my Madder quilt..."
But finally it's in one piece, for better or worse, and ticked off my list. Good heavens this top is big, one of the biggest I've made, and I was wracked by doubt all the way through. Why was I making it so huge? I don't know, sometimes the quilt dictates it's own dimensions, and I just have to shut up and go along with it. Not that I don't argue all the way and dig my heels in..... The quilt usually wins, so I should just go with the flow and do as I'm told, sigh.

Once again it was based on an old ebay quilt, but I think the photo is lost in the mists of time, so I can't show you.


julieQ September 21, 2009  

Love it! It will surely be big enough to keep a little gal like you warm, LOL! I have admired those blocks before when you showed them.

Karen September 21, 2009  

Know what you mean about the madder. I have trouble making it go in things but feel I need to have it. Your quilt top looks good to me.

Tazzie September 21, 2009  

Yay for ebay and all it's inspiration. I need to lock my credit card away though, sometimes it's so very tempting hunting around in there.

Brenda September 21, 2009  

The quilt was right. It did need to be that big.

thanks for Thomas. Levi will love it.

pdudgeon September 21, 2009  

what a clever use of sashings! i had never thought of doing that, but it's a trick i'll remember for the future. Beautiful quilt!

Tricia,  September 22, 2009 are a quilt tease! I need more of your cross quilt!
By the way, what is "madder fabric"? I've seen it referred to around Blogland but have no idea what you all are talking about! And this is important to know because what if I NEED some and don't even know it?!
Thanks for blogging!

sewprimitive karen September 22, 2009  

Thank you for posting the antique inspiration quilt. Yours looks just as antique-y but as you say better without the dark stuff. Who could stop collecting madder?

Meggie September 22, 2009  

Well, the Madder is looking very good. I hate when quilts just go their own way!!

julieQ September 27, 2009  

Love your quilt, especially the cross one. I have many of those old pale florals, I was going to cute them up for backings, but you have given me other inspiration. I have been following the dust storms and seeing the eerie will be dusting for a month!

YankeeQuilter October 03, 2009  

I also love madders! The way you fussy cut the stripes is great...

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