Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have spent hours sewing on the donated scraps and over the weekend I got these happy blocks finished and set into a top. They really are super easy and I'm still cutting them out as I plan to work on another one. I could easily sew thirty blocks at a sitting, so I can see why these are so popular for charity quilts.

I added a couple of borders, and this is set to go on Millhouse next- once I decide on the backing.

The colours are pale but pretty, and I enjoyed working with something completely different.

Poor Bonnie is looking very hunted because every time she sits down the puppies swarm all over her. They are all eating puppy food as well, but the competition for the milk bar is intense and she's not keen now that they have tiny little sharp teeth. Oh well, only three more weeks of it girl, and then they can go off to new homes.


Tazzie April 14, 2009  

Goodness, you always achieve so much. I just love how much stitching you get done. The puppies are growing so fast, it's so fun to see how much they've changed.

pdudgeon April 14, 2009  

that's a beautiful quilt. i love the colors and combinations.

the puppies are adoreable. Bonnie will have them weaned in no time. they certainly are looking fit and healthy!

sewprimitive karen April 15, 2009  

Poor Bonnie, but I wonder if she will miss them when they go.

Lori in South Dakota April 15, 2009  

the happy blocks look very "happy"! what size did you make them? And the milk bar looks awfully busy and full at the moment. I don't think Bonnie will feel bad when they are weaned, she's probably looking forward to a bit of time off!

meggie April 17, 2009  

All my feelings are with Bonnie! She is a really great Mum, isn't she.
Fascinated with the leader ender story.

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