Monday, April 20, 2009

Now all parties concerned can breathe a huge sigh of relief, the wedding was beautiful. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and apart from a few hitches, everything went smoothly. The gardens at Carrick Hill were a perfect backdrop and there should be some great photos later. These are the only shots I took, before my camera died with a horrid prolonged squeal- what timing!

Isaac, Elisa's not quite two nephew was the ringbearer, and after the practice when the pillow was dropped, hurled, frisbeed and otherwise flung about, it was decided perhaps the real rings should stay in the best man's pocket. But Isaac himself seemed perfectly happy and not too fazed by the responsibility.

On the big day he came down through the arched trees at a fair clip, pillow clutched in fist and leaving the bridesmaids to follow more sedately.....

until he caught sight of the gathered guests and didn't know what to make of that. All those people weren't there yesterday!
He sussed it out, decided we were friendly and throughout the ceremony ran circuits around and around.... and around.

He was gorgeous, and nearly stole the show.

But my boy Rob was pretty gorgeous too,

and as for Elisa, well, I can't tell you how beautiful she looked. This picture says it all; stunning.

It really was a beautiful day, and a wonderful beginning to their life together.


antique quilter April 20, 2009  

glad everything went well, they both looked beautiful and well the ring bearer you just can't not smile at him!!!!
must have been so cute when he saw all those people watching him!!!
the weather looks like it was perfect! beautiful gown she wore

sewprimitive karen April 21, 2009  

Isaac is absolutely adorable. What a great photo when you caught him standing stock still. Bride and groom both look wonderful!

Judy Laquidara April 21, 2009  

Rob & Elisa are both gorgeous! Isaac is a cutie too. Love the picture of the wind blowing the dresses.

pdudgeon April 21, 2009  

what beautiful pics! that looks like a very happy wedding.

YankeeQuilter April 21, 2009  

Wonderful wedding photos! I think having a wild child in the wedding party takes some of the stress off of things. My three year old niece/flower girl got the aisle and froze. When her mom whispered in her ear to just keep walking, Emily threw down the basket, crossed her little arms and screamed "I don't think so!" Fortunately the best man came prepared with a huge lollipop which he waved from down at the alter...of course she ran like a terrier down the aisle...don't all brides want roars of laughter when they enter the church?!

Anonymous,  April 21, 2009  

Beautiful! I'm glad everyone had such a lovely day.

Dineke April 22, 2009  

Beautifull pictures, I am glad it was such a great day.

Shasta Matova April 24, 2009  

It looks like a beautiful wedding. Congratulations!

Bernadette April 25, 2009  

Congratulations it looked like a beautiful day you must have been very proud. Having had three weddings in the past two years I can imagine how you felt. I loved the photo with Robyn.

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