Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This is the longest I've been without sewing my own projects for quite a while and I'm going crazy, peoples!! We've been in socialising, business, family mode and while those are all good things, I need the balance of personal time in the sewing room or I start feeling really Deprived. And I have nothing to show here either which makes me feel really guilty. What a bad blogger, but I don't mean to be!
Keryn mentioned the dust storm we had last week, it was a doozy. The wind was horrible, and when I saw the racing clouds of dirt in the sky I had to go outside and take a picture. The camera had better visibility than I did, it was all just brown fog to me. Yuck.

I've been knitting because that's portable and easy, and I'm really entertained by knitting green wool on red needles. Shallow, yes?
It's acrylic/nylon because I can't handle wool or mohair next to my skin, but it's working up nicely and is very soft.
I took the following photos last year, and I said to Keryn "If I ever use these on the blog, you'll know I'm absolutely desperate!" Well that time is here, I've got nothing else to show you lot, so here goes......
A funny Fruit picture for your enjoyment.
Conjoined bananas....
And look what was inside! Like they're tucked up in a little sleeping bag.
What? You don't buy mutated fruit so you can take Emergency Blog photos? Well you should!


Henrietta April 09, 2008  

We are in our 4th year of drought but nothing like yours, last year I think we got close to 60% of normal which I think should be changed to 60% of usetabe. Looking at Keryn's washer I thought, 'so?' Dust creeps through windows, under walls, its everywhere, little dunes by the wall on the windward side of the house, (yes inside) then I saw your dust storm picture. No we aren't like that, my goodness!

Carol April 09, 2008  

OMG that banana is hysterical...what a surprise.

meggie April 10, 2008  

What an hilarious banana! That dust storm was horrible.

sewprimitive karen April 10, 2008  

Amazing banana! I must build up a file of Desperate Photos, too. But I don't have any mutated fruit, sad to say. Dust storm, shudder, it looks awful. We are having Pollen Storm here in Atlanta, happens every year, chartreuse dust over everything, including my outside cat and where it's blown into the basement.

YankeeQuilter April 10, 2008  

Thank yo for the the banana photo! I am going to start my emergency blog photo file today!

Andrea April 10, 2008  

Great banana - lol ! I get itchy if I can't get to my sewing room. My teenage daughter is on a one-woman mission to keep the washing powder industry in profit. When I think of all the sewing time I waste cleaning up after people...

Dineke April 11, 2008  

I love that banana picture. And with the knitting you are my kind of girl. Would love to do green on red needles LOL

Val April 12, 2008  

Cute Banannas! I am thinking of taking a knitting class soon. Is it hard? I love your blog and will be back soon.

Helen May 17, 2008  

Interesting how one is bigger than the other :-) good idea about having an emergency file of blog photos.

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