Monday, April 14, 2008

Here are the cutting dimensions for anyone interested in the Album block.

8 x 2 1/2" squares of main colour

4 rectangles 2 1/2" by 6 1/2"

1 red centre square 2 1/2"

6 x 2 1/2" squares of background cream ( I made the centre four a different print, just for a bit of variety)

3 x 4 1/8" squares of background cream
Cut the 4 1/8" squares twice on the diagonal. Cut two of the cream 2 1/2" squares once on the diagonal.Make the centre nine patch and press the seams like this.
(Forgot to take a picture of this step, so here's one I didn't prepare ealier) Sew the quarter square triangles to TWO of the rectangles. When I first made this block I efficiently sewed them to all four and then had to unpick two. Just warning you. Press the seams towards the dark material.Sew the remaining triangles to the dark squares and add the half square triangles to make corners for the block. You can make four of these.
I used to trim the corners of these triangles, but now I just make sure I always line up the 90 degree corners and sew downwards. The extra fabric at the point just hangs over and is trimmed off later.
When I sew the other side the dark fabric is on top and I'm still sewing from the 90 degree corner.

Some people don't like pressing these triangles because of the bias edge. Just don't go near it; press from the top of the corner right along the seam - the rest of the fabric doesn't even need to be ironed.
Here are the bits laid out ready to be joined. The corners and the rectangle pieces will have no nice matching 90 degree corners to line up but you can either find the centre of each piece and pin, or do what I do, make sure there is an equal little background triangle sticking out at either end and sew.
Join the centre strip like this, press seams towards the rectangles.Sew the other corners and join (forgot pictures of that too, sorry)
And this is a simpler album block which results if you leave out the rectangle pieces. This variation is so easy I've made three sets and I still want to make more, I think I'm addicted to it.Here is the pressing scheme I use, this all lays nice and flat and unlumpy.
The block finishes at about 11 1/4" . It always looks clean and sharp, and there's so many variations I just love it.

Two more things I love.... We're thinking of making a sitcom called "Everyone Loves Curtis", but on the other hand it could also be titled "Curtis Loves Everyone". Aw.


Tazzie April 14, 2008  

I really love this block, thank you for sharing. I'll save it so I can make some up later, I will probably get addicted too!

Henrietta April 15, 2008  

I think I love Curtis too, he is so wonderfully raffish. That was a pretty pencil study of him you did the other week, He would be a good subject for one of those groupings of several sketches on a single sheet that were so popular 100 years ago. Thanks for sharing the album block. Another project I want to do.

julieQ April 15, 2008  

Thank you for the pattern and tutorial! I love your raggamuffin puppy, he is the best!

meggie April 16, 2008  

Great instructions on how to do this block.
Love the pics of Curtis of course! And his handsome owner!

Anonymous,  April 17, 2008  

Thank you for sharing these instructions. I enjoyed looking at all of your color and pattern variations.

MARCIE April 17, 2008  

Very nice tutorial. I feel like jumping right into this project.

Judy April 21, 2008  

Oh my what a fabulous tutorial! Now I have no excuse for not starting this quilt! Not sure how I will make the blocks but the precise instructions will make easy work of it.

I can draft a block if I want to, but sometimes it's nice to surf my books for the particular block name and find loads of sizes waiting for me. Lazy we certainly have gotten with the invention of the computer. I've actually had the best time drafting the blocks and pieces for the CW blocks for this very reason.

Thanks so much for this!

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