Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I hate it when you walk into your sewing room, look at the projects that haven't been touched for so long you can't remember where you were and say to them "Do I know you? Do we mean something to each other?" I need to spend a few hours reacquainting myself with the blocks in progress, or I'm going to make mistakes, so I turned to one of the old completed sets of album blocks. This is the variation I mentioned and was based on a very tattered ebay quilt from many years ago. It was in such bad shape I don't even think it could still exist, so I feel like I'm preserving it. I've sewed all the brown triangles to turn the blocks on point, and later today I'll start on the pieced sashing. I know exactly where I'm going with this, so I don't have to agonise about choices.

I have to go and concentrate on customer quilts now, but I thought I'd show you what I turn to when I'm too busy to get into my own sewing. Last thing before I turn the lights out at night I spend a half hour drawing- anything that takes my fancy. Which is usually animals or faces. I have to do something creative for myself every day or I'd go nuts, and if there isn't time for anything else, there's always my trusty pen and sketchbook, just before I go to sleep.
I used to use pencil, but I've learnt that a pen makes me think about exactly what marks I'm making. I used to worry about mistakes, but now I just draw over the top of them. It's like machine quilting, there is no substitute for Practice, Practice, Practice! I use photos at night, because I don't want to share my bed with dogs, no matter how cute, but I like to draw from life even better.

This is a page of Jessie drawings, nothing finished, nothing perfect, but invaluable in learning about her anatomy and the poses she naturally falls into.

I think we all worry about perfection too much, we should shift the aim to Learning. Knowledge is the true benefit, even if things don't quite work out- the next project will be a little better, and the one after that. Practice is the foundation of Skill.

(Gee, it's too early in the day to be Profound, I'd better drink more coffee and get to work!)


sewprimitive karen April 16, 2008  

Your drawings are so wonderful. How smart to sketch before bed, I try to do the same.

Chookyblue...... April 16, 2008  

great sketches Mereth........

Carol E. April 17, 2008  

I've always wished I could draw that well. Beautiful! And I love your Profound paragraph.

meggie April 17, 2008  

Such wise words! You are so young for such great insights, Mereth.
I love your dog 'parts' & attitudes.

Anonymous,  April 17, 2008  

You are very talented! I went through all my quilty UFOs the other day too and wondered either "what was I thinking" or "why did I abandon you". I've finished one top and am working on two others I fell in love with again.

jude April 18, 2008  

great post and all so true, i am in a similar snit. too much. i need "less".

Kerri April 18, 2008  

The top picture resembles my sweet corgi (+ a tail), Erin, who passed away last year. It is such a look and turn of head she used to give. She was a good dog. Wonderful talent you have!

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