Sunday, December 16, 2007

Grand-puppy Curtis came to visit, he's growing in size, and Silliness too. We had the telly on, but needn't have bothered; everyone was watching the puppy and shouting with laughter.His legs are so long and wooly, and mostly out of control. He'd fling himself up and down the hall, skid into the loungeroom across the polished floor and crash into a chair. Then he'd give one hysterical bark and dash off again....and again... and again.All the attention must have made him show off because I was assured he didn't act like this at home! Do you like the curly tail?And what a face! Keryn and I have been cutting up heaps of fabric for bindings and backings, as she reports in her last post. She also accuses me of going through the bin in search of scraps. It seems she may have grown a bit cavalier in her attitude because this is what I fished out yesterday. What?!! throw this lot away?
Not bleeding likely! Lookit all the squares and triangles I got out of that pile.
Now we can put this in the bin. You can see why it takes me so long to accumulate enough for another scrap castle.
When I cut small piles of scraps I use this cutlery holder as a temporary sorting tray. When it gets full I put the strips away in their respective drawers.
There hasn't been one night when it was too hot to knit, and so I figure I'm about two nights away from finishing my stole.It's Leda's Dream by Melanie Gibbons of Pink Lemon Twist and it's been such fun to knit. I plan to start another project straight away; I'm pleasantly surprised that I can still knit comfortably at night and I want to keep my hands in knitting mode through the summer if I can. If I don't knit for long periods of time they complain bitterly and ache like mad when I take it up again. Much better to keep them in training with a light project like this.
And because I can't just focus on quilting I'm also doing a bit of painting when I can. So much so that I need to clear some things out of my studio and with this in mind I've set up an Etsy shop. I plan to put some quilts in there too- the trouble with being productive is that you have to find somewhere to put the stuff afterwards. I'm not going to stop sewing or painting, so I'll have to try and find new homes for some of it!


antique quilter December 16, 2007  

He is so cute! I am with you I would cut up the scraps too, oh she can't throw those out look at all those pieces!
I love the idea of using the cutlery tray to sort the scraps.
I put mine in photo boxes for now. I like this tray idea though to leave on my cutting table and then empty it each week or so.
I will be watching for your etsy shop.
Don't stop painting or quilting!

Joyce December 17, 2007  

He is a cute puppy. I can't throw out scraps either but there comes a time...

Anonymous,  December 17, 2007  

Oh yes, those scraps are worth saving. Wish I had a bin to scratch through... I love cutting up scraps and organising them. Your knitted stole is beautiful!Tracy

Donna December 17, 2007  

It is hard to see the scraps go, and yes I've been known to rummage around and save others from the garbage too :-)

Sweet P December 17, 2007  

The puppy is adorable. He has a very cute face. The cutlery tray is a great way to keep scraps straight. I think I have to find some for my scrap drawers. Thanks for the idea.

meggie December 17, 2007  

Of course I am in love with your granddog Curtis! How gorgeous!

love that fact that you keep scraps- I do too, but i am not as clever as you with dealing with them, & they are piling up...

Those paintings look wonderful!

Your shawl is just beautiful!

Unknown December 17, 2007  

what sizes did you cut?

I am thinking of *just* cutting up all my fabrics that I want to keep, and ??? the rest.

I will agree too, grandpuppy is too cute, what breed is he?

Helen in the UK December 18, 2007  

Curtis looks like a real cutie!! Love your cutlery draw idea :)

julieQ December 19, 2007  

Look at the sweet punkin doggie!! How can you resist?

I too save all the little pieces, I just need to be as organized as you are and cut them into appropriate usable sizes. Are you doing the mystery quilt too, like you sissie??

Merry Christmas!! JulieQ

Colleen formerly of South Africa December 19, 2007  

Your puppy is too cute...and loved the knitted blanket.Lovely. Colleen

Carol E. December 19, 2007  

I love the puppy!! Too adorable!

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