Saturday, February 10, 2007


What mop?

I don't see any mop.



Helen February 10, 2007  

Okay, who ate the mop??

Meredith February 10, 2007  

Thanks for the laugh. I had a friend who had a dog that ate everything including one of my shoes when I was over visiting.

Carol February 10, 2007  

Thanks for the wonderful laugh. His face is just so innocent :)

May Britt February 12, 2007  

Seems he had a good time playing :)
Thanks for the laugh.

sewprimitive karen February 13, 2007  

Oops. Is some little doggie in trouble??

Kay Devaney February 14, 2007  

You just made my day! Your pup is so sweet and cute, and I shared your pup's adventure with my coworkers! My DH and I share our home with a sweet-enduring staffordshire dog (Penny). BTW, I love your blog, quilting and your pup pix. Thanks for sharing.


Jenni February 14, 2007  

That's becasue there no longer is a mop! Aahhh I think this is just the beginning. I left the hose on the grass for months without incident, then one day I came home and the beagle had turned it into a soaker hose. You never know when that urge will creep over a pup...

Shelina February 15, 2007  

LOL - I think I know who dun it!

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