Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trust Keryn to ask how many stars were left.
Let's see, there were 177 to start with. (Remember, these were my hand sewing during a time when I couldn't use my sewing room and I got a bit carried away.)

I used 20 in this quilt
and 28 in the borders, and then I made 30 into these blocks which will go into a quilt based on an antique one I saw on ebay.
So that makes.......78 I've used so far......99 BLOCKS LEFT!!!? How many more quilts do I have to make to see the back of these? A few more apparently.
You can see the size of the stack is a lot smaller, and the pink ones I've already picked out the setting and fabric for, so they won't take long. Somehow I haven't put myself off and I still like piecing 8 point stars, but I think I must have been suffering from Obsessive Piecing Disorder. Is there a support group for that?


Jenni @ Fairybread February 10, 2007  

What a luxury to have all those star blocks just sitting there unused! As for Compulsive Piecing Disorder - I'm sure there is a support group out there. I just wish I was compulsive about cleaning and exercising...

Shelina February 10, 2007  

Wow Mereth! 99 left! I am so proud of you for patiently putting a few here and there into quilts - in beautiful settings, rather than jamming them all together in a quilt just to get rid of them.

Carol February 10, 2007  

Those are just beautiful stars. Love the settings.

YankeeQuilter February 11, 2007  

What a great "problem" to have...too many blocks! They are coming together great.

Julie March 06, 2007  

I love those stars. They are gorgeous. The quilts you have made with them are just beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you do with the rest.

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