Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One of Mum's cacti has this incredible huge red flower, and there are about 5 more on the same plant. Very spectacular, but I've got no idea what it's called. Pudgy hand included for scale....My trip to the quilt shop yielded some fat quarters and 2 metres of a likely material for the setting squares. I shan't show it here until I've decided whether it's the One.

Don't know what this haul will be used for, none of them are really exciting but they go with collections that I'm amassing for certain projects. I'm in a constant state of being 'With Project', so I'm always on the lookout.
Let's just say I think I'm a bit out of control with the square in square units. I've done 27 blocks and yet I've got more of the little units than when I started. And I can't stop cutting more out!! You can partly see a red and cream block that I got side-tracked with, ahem, I might be making a set of them too.....As well as two other ideas I had, but I'm not saying nuthin about them....


May Britt November 08, 2006  

I love these blocks you are making and I am curios to see how the top will be finished.

Hedgehog November 08, 2006  

Your blocks look great! Love that flower, too.

quiltpixie November 09, 2006  

looks like you're having fun. Creating can be such an addictive activity :-)

MARCIE November 09, 2006  

Mereth, Your quilt from your last post captured my eye and I had to try making the block. I love it! I just posted a picture of my beginnings. I hope you like it, and I hope you don't mind my borrowing inspiration from you. Thanks!

palmetto1 November 09, 2006  

that cactus is some sort of epiphyllium (i think!)

Anonymous,  November 09, 2006  

hee hee - take a breath! The blocks look great :-)

Shelina December 31, 2006  

Just a note to let you know I dropped by and enjoyed reading your blog. Your fabric would look super in my Dear Jane. All of your blocks are really pretty.

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