Friday, November 24, 2006

It seems ages since I posted, don't know why I've been so neglectful. I have been busy organising my fabrics, an activity that can absorb me for days at a time. I love having it in drawers rather than stacking tubs, which were too hard to lift off each other as I have a back problem at the moment. So I felt totally justified in taking time off to categorise and straighten all my supplies and make then easier to manage.

I'd like to say that's ALL my fabric in those 30 drawers, but of course I'd be lying....

In the course of my rummaging I went through a lot of my ufos and set together these blocks as a bit of distraction. I finished them years ago and had been looking for the perfect setting material. Everything I tried turned the blocks to mush and they sat in a pizza box waiting.....waiting...

Then Keryn sent me 5 yards of material that was on special at Spotlight (sort of like Joanne's in America) and the inspiration to try the two together struck me. Perfect!! This is why I don't mind letting projects 'lie fallow' for a while. (OK, years in some instances.) I'd rather wait for the perfect fabric and get it right than finish something with a poor choice, just to get it 'done'.

This will have some sort of pieced border around it next- back to the drawing board- but I'm enthused about getting it this far after being stalled so long.

These blocks are special to me because I pieced a lot of them during one of my middle son's hospital stays. At eleven he was diagnosed with type one diabetes and when he was 16 had to spend a week in a hospital 150 miles away to stabilise his insulin regime. I packed up all my cut pieces, knowing I'd have to have something to keep me busy for that time, and as I sat with him and watched telly I pieced over half of these. It's strange that some of the staff seemed to think I was mad and wasting my time, and yet the people who sat doing nothing at all (except staring at the telly-urgh) were treated as 'normal'.

I prefer my madness thankyou.....


Sue November 24, 2006  

I'm surprised that the staff at the hospital thought it strange that you were making a quilt. I worked on one while my daughter was in the hospital for a few weeks (she got a strange infection that nearly did her in, but she's recovered fully). The staff seemed surprised to see someone quilting, but they seemed to think it was interesting rather than strange. Guess you never can tell what people are going to think....

Hedgehog November 24, 2006  

Beautiful blocks - and worth the wait for that beautiful fabric to set them with!

May Britt November 24, 2006  

This block is beautiful. I am so thankful I have this hobby. Can't imagin how boring it will be without it. Just sitting there with my hands in my lap doing nothing. When I have been to hospital with my dear children I always had some stitching with me. And I have teach a lot of nurses at our hospital to handstitch. So here they know what quilting is.

tami November 25, 2006  

You are right that fabric is so perfect for those blocks. It's a good thing you waited.
I can't imagine anyone not thinking it was normal to be doing something with your hands rather than just sit.

YankeeQuilter November 29, 2006  

The quilt is beautiful and the organization of your fabrics gorgeous...I went back to quilting during a long hospital stay for a parachuting accident. I'd have lost my mind just sitting around!

Rabbit Stitchings November 29, 2006  

very pretty colors... and the pattern is just lovely as well..
I think the pieced border will be great!

Hope this post this time, blogger ate my last

Folkartist December 07, 2006  

The quilt photos are so, so pretty and so are your storage drawers, wow.

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