Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hedgehog asked what the name of the block was in the border and I'm not really sure. I've seen it called Flyfoot and I like that name so I haven't bothered to research it . I have no idea what the centre block is called at all.
I'm off to an antiques fair today, and a visit to a really nice quilt shop. I hope to get a setting fabric for my square in sqare blocks which are almost all done. Another top well on the way. And I confess I've also been working on a couple of other blocks made from the same units; I'm a wee bitty obsessed at the moment. Obsession can be a Good Thing, can't it?
Can't it?


quiltpixie November 05, 2006  

nothing wrong with obsession.... just means you're joining us all at the funny farm :-)

Leah Spencer November 06, 2006  

I think that block is "jack in the box"?

YankeeQuilter November 07, 2006  

I pulled out B. Brackman's Enclyclopedia of patterns but didn't find the center block...I like Jack in the Box though! The border block is The Colorado Quilt, KC Star 1941. Not that I was obsessively looking it up!

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