Friday, July 05, 2013

one more...

 I found twelve of these blocks in my drawer, the leftovers from a much larger top that I set with green fabric. I've just spent a fruitless half hour searching my blog, and then my photos trying to find a reference to this, and it seems I never even took photos of it. So I can't show you that at the moment.

There was a post about making the blocks here, and coincidentally there are the beginnings of my little cross blocks too! It's only taken four and a half years to get those finished....
I did try to use just two fabrics in each block, I love that flat, cutout look,
but I couldn't resist the scrappy variety ones;  they were so much fun to do, and used up lots of smaller scraps. I love this block sooo much, it's the same as the brown top I finished in February this year and I'm still not sick of making them. I had to replace one block that had a too-dark background, and all I want to do is cut out more.

The  antique quilt I based it on was set like this, just lots of cream, and the blocks floating in it. I was always slightly dissatisfied with the first top  I made and now I've got this little cot size version that stays true to the original. Another top to add to the pile....


Jan July 05, 2013  

Goosetracks was my second quilt, handpieced in blue and white. It's a great block!

Karen July 05, 2013  

You have a magical drawer!

Sue SA July 06, 2013  

Green and cream is such a lovely soft colour combination, it makes a lovely cot quilt. Hope you have a reason to quilt it one day soon.

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