Friday, May 16, 2008

Brother and Sil have gone back to Perth, and the house has returned to the old order of sewing and computer stuff. While they were here my brother did a course in Rocking Horse carving. Can you remember Harry the Horse from last year's posts?
This time he invented Neville the Nag (I've got to try and stop these dreadful names being attatched to such gorgeous creations!), who now lives in the front hall. Every child's dream- oh I would have loved to have him when I was young. Doug says he has built in a secret "Rockometer" and claims that there have been 14 'unauthorised rocks' recorded. I told him that I will admit to nothing without video footage.

I had a visit from Rob and Elisa and Curtis on the weekend and I thought a picture of Dog and Horse touching noses would be cute. Curtis for some reason took a set against Neville, especially when he rocked in greeting. Poor Curtis stood in the doorway planted in horror and then barked hysterically until the horse stopped moving. Nothing could allay his deep distrust of this thing, even though we cajoled and called and wheedled, trying to get my photo. He decided that we could touch it if we were stupid enough, but he was just going to pretend it didn't exist.
Not making eye contact....
la la la....
There.Is. No. Rocking .Horse. I suppose he does look a bit scary from the front. But that other photo I wanted of Curtis ON the rocking horse? Probably won't happen now.

Finished this customer quilt earlier this week, it has hearts made of cut up doileys on it, and was quite a challenge on the longarm. I lived in dread of the machine travelling across and catching on the lace, which was quite thick and raised. I was glad to get this done and delivered without any mishaps.
We had to quilt it quite sparingly because of having to avoid the lace, strangely enough it's easier to quilt more densely than trying to balance out the different areas.

Didn't I used to piece quilts? Where's MY quilting gone? Seems to be the cry of all who turn professional, no time for their own stuff. I'll have to have this weekend for Me ME ME!!


meggie May 16, 2008  

I laughed & laughed at the pics of Curtis! I do love the horse though. Perhaps it makes up for the lilac?
I also admire that blue quilt, love the doilie bits, but can understand the difficulty of the quilting...& the anxiety!

Lindah May 16, 2008  

The doily quilt turned out quite nicely with your lovely quilting. It looks a bit poofy in the pic...what sort of batting was used?
Poor Cutis. I admire a fella who makes up his mind and sticks to it.

Carol May 16, 2008  

I just love Curtis, I swear that dog is human. The rocking horse is a real prize and looks wonderful in your home.
I admire you for quilting the hankie quilt. I have quilted one for a customer of mine and it seemed to take me forever. It did turn out beautifully but I was a wreck. :=[

Karen Dianne Lee May 17, 2008  

You made magic with that quilt! Another example of 'quilting makes the quilt'

Thank you for sharing this. I have some special doileys and never though of this way to use them. So again, great share!

with appreciation, *karendianne.

Sweet P May 21, 2008  

The rocking horse is great. What a wonderful addition to your home.

I've been collecting doilies to use in a quilt. The one you worked on is gorgeous!

Henrietta May 21, 2008  

Curtis is smarter than you think, from the front that horse has an evil glint in his eye! If he were alive I would handle him with extreme caution, from the side his eyes look fine. Clever Curtis Grand Dog, smart fella! Cute too.

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