Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hired Man's quilt is quilted, and added to the 'Binding' pile, there's only three to do so I should just get stuck in and finish them.

I put Baptist Fans on it, with a cotton batt, and I'll wash this after it's bound. I might even put it in the dryer to shrink it some more. I've never been game to do that before, but I'm willing to experiment on this quilt.
The back was pieced from three lengths of various plaids, and adds to the 'bunkhouse' feel I think. Another aspect of doing all this quilting is getting to experiment with different threads. I was never one to waste much thought on this, just grab something that looked ok and get it done. So the range of threads available came as something of a shock, and the variegated ones are delicious. This is Maxi-Lock Swirls (I think) in Foresty Mint and I really liked how it looked on this top.We'll just have to work out way through the variegated goodness and learn what works on which quilt. I'm looking forward to it.

Don't you love my old mixing bowl? It's cracked and cost me 20cents in the opshop but looks much better than the plastic container we used to keep thread in.Matt has surprised this fellow quite a few times in his front yard. This peacock used to roam around the streets of Crystal Brook, sending dogs into hysterics and startling the populace with his weird shrieking cry. I don't know where he came from, some aviary or just dumped I suppose. Eventually he was relocated to Bowmans park and he's lived in solitary splendour since, fed by the locals who regularly turn up with odd scraps of fruit and veggies. He does alright. Who knew that peacocks just love tomatoes?
This photo was taken last year when he was growing a new tail. That glorious flowing tail starts off as a ridiculous puff of feathers and takes months to reach full size.He's very stately and dignified, but I do wish he wouldn't drink Mac's bathwater, it lowers the tone somewhat.
Another little visitor attracted by the bathwater is much more flighty and hard to capture. The summer has been very dry, and I suppose they must find water where they can.


Harmany Quilting February 06, 2008  

The hired Man's Quilt looks gorgeous and the baptist fan looks particularly striking.

dot February 06, 2008  

I really like this quilt. Can I be the hired hand that tries it out? It is just a lovely quilt.

Jeanne February 06, 2008  

The handyman quilt is wonderful! I love the scrappy look of it and the baptist fan quilting is perfect!

meggie February 06, 2008  

Lovely quilt, & the fans just finish it nicely. It has a wonderful scrappy look.
Like the Peacock. I know their freaky unnerving cries. Ali Honey had one too, a stray, but he seems to have found a new home.
We are having more rain. It is such a shame we cant share it about.

Mary February 06, 2008  

That was quick work. I love it, very old fashioned looking - my favorite kind of quilt.

I toss ALL my quilts in the dryer on low so they come out nice and crinkly.

Kathie February 06, 2008  

I really like the way this quilt came out.
May have to make one too.
Baptist fans are still my favorite quilting pattern.
just adds to the feel I want for most of the quilts I make.
wow having a peacock in your backyard!
great pictures of him

Screen Door February 06, 2008  

I love everything about your quilt!!! Great border fabric, that green really pulls it together. Lovet he backing -- pretty creative. One of the great things about the internet is seeing life in other parts of the world-- too cool...

Henrietta February 07, 2008  

Ditto all that screen door said.
I put the majority of my quilts in the dryer on the permanent press cycle, it gives them that lovely crinkled antique look. If they get used they're going to be washed sometime anyway (one would hope).

Try it, you'll like it!

loulee1 February 08, 2008  

Your quilt turned out great. I love the baptist fans, one day I'll have the courage to try something a bit fancier than a meander!

Sweet P February 11, 2008  

The quilt is beautiful. I love the fabrics and the quilting.

Sometimes I wish I would find a peacock or a kangaroo wandering the streets of my home town. The only animals I ever see are the police on their horses in the summertime.

Nola February 12, 2008  

Love the quilt, it looks fantastic!

There's such a contract between the elegant looks of the peacock and the raucous scream! Like so many, it's lovely until it opens its mouth.

Can't believe the two trucks in the Cowell shop! But you took photos so I have to.

Kerri's Quilting February 13, 2008  

I love the Baptist fan pattern. Is that one you did with your SS? I have been looking for a pattern without gaps to use on my SS. Is that one available to purchase? kerri

Karen February 13, 2008  

Hired Man is a wonderful name. I just love that quilt. The thread is great! And the peacock and kangaroos are just around your house? We get to see everything on your blog!

julieQ February 13, 2008  

Very nice, turned out just like a hired hands quilt would look like to me. Love your peacock pictures! and the warm summer.

Jenni @ Fairybread February 14, 2008  

I see you've updated your profile. The fans look great.

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