Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When Keryn was working out her colour sampler class I made a set of blocks too. Initially we tried to make it all totally random, with numbers for each shape in the block and a sort of lucky dip process of finding out which fabric to use where. Rather complicated, and it also resulted in some wishy washy blocks, as you can see.

Now it's easier to play with the fabric pieces and put them wherever you like, which is much more fun. I must make another set, with a slightly more complicated block like Keryn's, because you get a more varied effect. But I still quite like these.


quiltpixie October 11, 2006  

I'm finding it an interesting technique for expereincing the effect of colour placement... May have to try my own go at this one....

keryn October 11, 2006  

They were a pile of blocks last time I saw them. You've been busy too....

I like the simplicity of those blocks, and they don't have any pesky triangles to piece.

keryn October 11, 2006  

I meant to say 'pesky LITTLE triangles' because of course there are triangles in the block. I'm up way too late tonight.

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